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When in Rome …

on November 16, 2016 by Ana Comments

What’s the best thing about traveling to Rome? You will be in Rome, obviously! What’s the worst thing about going to Rome? You are going to see all the same landmarks that everyone else sees. In this age of hyper-personalization, obsession with uniqueness and the clout of individual taste, it seems dismal that our trips still revolve around the same path beaten via Foursquare ratings, travel guides, the top ten lists and influencer advice. Why shouldn’t you have your own personal, unique itinerary, made based on what you feel like in the moment? Well, now you can. RomeSpotter is the new service created by Roman insiders for those who want to become that. Launched couple of weeks ago, Rome Spotter campaign makes sure to get to know you: a few questions later, your itinerary is ready - and so is the team behind RomeSpotter to show you the best their city has to offer. They just keep piling the good ideas on, from the moment you land at Fiumicino to the moment you wave Rome goodbye. What’s the best thing about traveling to Rome? Using RomeSpotter.

Book your Roman Holiday here.

Beer and popcorn, anyone?

on August 17, 2016 by Ana Comments

Lav beer, a local Serbian brew produced and bottled by Carlsberg, wanted everyone to know that it doesn’t feature corn in its beverage anymore. Corn apparently cheapens the beer, and Lav was proud to announce that its products are now made out of only premium ingredients like barley, hops, water and yeast. To excite Lav’s customers about this new development, advertising agency McCann Belgrade steered clear of traditional advertising. They literally took out the corn out of Lav’s beer and turned it into a popcorn, featured as a free giveaway in supermarkets, bars, movie theaters and events. Simple, smart and yummy. Follow me @andjelicaaa

Ever wondered how your selfie would look in thread? This machine is the answer

on July 23, 2015 by Ana Comments

The amazingly talented guys from Breakfast NY are very hot right now. Every major advertising & technology publication (see write-ups here, herehere and here) and then some reported on the much anticipated unveil of their massive thread machine they developed for Forever 21.

Breakfast is known for thinking differently. It is also known for coming up with ideas that connect hardware and software like no one else. This latest venture works like this: if you happen to be a fan of Forever21 (and if so, you would find yourself in the company of its 7m and counting Instagram followers) or even if you are just into seeing your selfie turned into a massive thread mosaic, you can just tag your photo #Forever21ThreadScreen and the machine will automatically pick it up. It will then turn it into a colorful tapestry.

You can see how it works in real time here, and hear Andrew Zolty, Breakfast’s co-founder and chief creative officer AND the sweetest and smartest guy around, speak about the project.

This fills my coolness quota for a month. At least.

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What a dancing traffic light can teach us about advertising

on February 11, 2015 by Ana Comments

Humans are so ingenious at adapting to inconvenient situations that they are not often aware that they are doing so. Think vending machine. People need to bend down to get a can of soda, simply because it’s easier for the machine to use gravity to drop a can into a bin at our feet than to deliver it at a waist high into our hands. Machine wins, we lose.

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Soccer fans rejoice: Mourinho wants you to join the game

on January 27, 2015 by Ana Comments






José Mourinho, the Chelsea manager, is the top star of  the latest TV ad for Top Eleven, a free online soccer manager game developed by Nordeus. It’s one more gaming company that is moving marketing funds to TV advertising. Publishers like King (Candy Crush) and Supercell (Clash of Clans) were the first to enter this space, followed by Machine Zone and other successful mobile developers. These gaming giants are in constantly trying to expand their user base and TV seems to be untapped space that provides bigger audience.

Directed by B-Reel.

“Shop Small”: a new gestural interface from AMEX

on January 26, 2015 by Ana Comments

Amex doesn’t stop when it comes to small businesses. To raise awareness and promote local business across America, it partnered with design agency HUSH to create a gestural interface called “Shop Small.”

Shop Small features items and in-store experiences across stores in the area, fostering discovery. The screen allows users also to create wish lists, browse specific product types and connect their wishlist to their phone or print them out at the spot.

Via Video Edge.

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The future of in-flight entertainment is bleak without SkyMall

on January 24, 2015 by Ana Comments

The best imaginable in-flight entertainment is no more. SkyMall, our ubiquitous travel companion for many years, is closing its doors for business. The company who owns it, Xhibit Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection, which is incredibly weird because, who wouldn’t want that SkyRest Travel Pillow?

Adweek was nice enough to collect the all-time most beloved items that we coveted as SkyMall, but if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, you can always go straight to the SkyMall website and overindulge there.

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The two coolest dads in America star in Nikon’s new ad

on January 21, 2015 by Ana Comments

If you haven’t heard of Kordale and Kaleb Lewis, you will soon. The adorable two dads and their three kids are the ongoing Instagram obsession. K and K’s rep is that they are really good at braiding their daughter’s hair, which is not only incredibly cute but also a totally awesome activity for dads. A photo of them doing it at 6am before school went viral last year, with 25,000 likes on Instagram within a week of posting. Kordale and Kaleb also say things like “Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30 .This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and eveny minute of #fatherhood . #proudfathers #blackfathers #prouddads #gaydads.” Awww.

Showing that it’s plugged-in, Nikon tapped into this dynamic duo to create ads for the company as part of the Nikon Generation campaign. By McCann New York.

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This ad is a spoof that is actually an ad for the Berlin Fashion Week

on January 20, 2015 by Ana Comments

Despite the complicated sounding meta execution here (is it a spoof? is it an ad?), I really like this spot. Germans have become incredibly good at poking fun at themselves, and this self-depreciating cultural tendency goes all the way to advertising. The ad (it is actually, an ad) is for the currently ongoing Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week and the handsome gentlemen starring in it is Justin O’Shea, buying director of My Theresa, a fashion retail site which, if you don’t know of, you gotta check out asap. Also making a cameo: Chipperfield brothers and fashion editors Veronika Heilbrunner and Julia Knolle. Enjoy.

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Tiffany rises to the occasion

on January 19, 2015 by Ana Comments

Tiffany launched its first-ever same-sex marriage ads, featuring real-life couples. It shouldn’t surprise us that one of the most famous engagement & wedding ring brands started targeting the same-sex market, but for whatever reason, it feels incredibly new. A simple Google search reveals more than 12 million results in just a week since the ad was announced, with a ton of press interest. Some call it revolutionary; others protest that it was high time for a jeweler to recognize this incredibly large and lucrative market. On the latter point, regardless of the cultural influence of its latest campaign, Tiffany displayed some serious business savvy. Why limit yourself just on one part of the increasingly exuberant nuptials market when you can have it all? I expect other jewelery brands soon to follow, which of course can only be a good thing.

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