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Reebok interactive secrets revealed

on September 11, 2003 by Martina Comments

On iMediaConnection Dawn Anfuso presents an interview with Marc Fireman, Director of Interactive Marketing at Reebok. They talk about Reebok’s online campaigns, in particular of Whodunit? and Terry Tate. Fireman also gives his opinion about rich media, online communication and the lessons Reebok has learned from its online efforts. Very interesting.

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IAB looks for feedback on rich media

on August 18, 2003 by Martina Comments

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is seeking feedback from the interactive ad industry on its Rich Media Guidelines Version 2.0 Phase 1. There’s an online survey on IAB’s Web site. More on Adweek.

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Banners of the week

on August 8, 2003 by Martina Comments

ON the French online publication Journal du Net a selection of fine banners, the most creative and efficient appeared online in the last week of July. I especially like the Absolut Vodka rich media banners.

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MSN Online Advertising Awards

on August 7, 2003 by Martina Comments

MSN network celebrated yesterday the best creative advertising content to appear on its network of Web sites over the past year. As explained on Yahoo! News, AtmosphereBBDO won the first prize in “branding” category for “Pen” developed for General Electrics; Lowe New York received the first prize in “Direct Response” for a Dell ad that promoted a free-shipping offer; and Euro RSCG Circle gained the gold medal in “Rich Media” for an interactive ad developed for New Balance Athletic Shoe.

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Eyeblaster goes big

on August 6, 2003 by Martina Comments

Eyeblaster today announced the launch of Eyeblaster 5.3, the latest upgrade to its industry-leading rich media platform. Eyeblaster 5.3 includes a number of significant enhancements that make it easier for online advertisers to create, manage, and track rich media campaigns directly, and produce more effective online campaigns. One such enhancement is the ability to serve larger file-sizes of up to one megabyte (1 MB). There will also be the possibility of a closer integration with Flash MX. Read on the press release on Yahoo! News, it features also some numbers on rich media.

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Rich media always popular

on July 23, 2003 by adverblog Comments

A new research by DoubleClick, reported today on MediaPost suggests that rich media usage continues to grow quarter by quarter, while larger ads have surpassed the smaller options in popularity. The article is pretty good because it’s filled with interesting numbers on the diffusion of different online ads formats. Large formats are getting more and more popular: for example, the leaderboard, a wide unit (728 x 90) that often appears at the top of web pages, is now the fastest growing size at 562% growth from Q2 2002, and is now the fourth most common size served by DoubleClick. Half-page ads (550 x 480) had the second highest response rate at .90%.

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The Hulk promotion online

on June 16, 2003 by adverblog Comments

As reported today on Universal Pictures are heavily using the online space to promote the upcoming movie “The Hulk“. In particular, the green hero will appear on the Yahoo! network in a series of rich media ads. I went on Yahoo! and I saw the ads (Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2 | Screenshot 3 ) and I can tell you I like to things: first, you can choose whether or not to listen to the music and, second, you can tell Yahoo! what you think about the ad. What I disliked it’s that ad itself, too confusing and somehow annoying. To summarize, a good idea, a disappointing layout. By the way, Universal Pictures as also signed a Deal with Mastercard for limited edition credit card branded The Hulk. How can you live without it?

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Size Matters

on June 15, 2003 by adverblog Comments

In rich media ads,

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Online advertising has a bright future

on June 12, 2003 by Martina Comments

As The Associated Press reports today on a wide range of news Web sites, U.S. online-advertising revenue showed a healthy increase in the fourth quarter of 2002, breaking a two-year declining trend. However, the industry remains below its revenue levels at the height of the boom. You can read the news, for example, on Bizreport. As Frank Barnako reports today on “The growing success of “rich media” ads, which feature sound and video, is one reason online advertising climbed in the fourth quarter of 2002, according to Pete Petrusky, director of new media for PricewaterhouseCoopers”.

Futhermore, you can have a look at IAR where yesterday Brian Morrissey wrote an article presenting the research note issued Tuesday, where Goldman Sachs Internet analyst Anthony Noto doubled his forecast for the online advertising industry in 2003. Noto now expects revenue to increase 10 percent to $5.2 billion, up substantially from his earlier 5 percent growth forecast. In the article are also presented some predictions concerning Yahoo!, Overture and AOL revenue this year.

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Bigger is better

on June 4, 2003 by adverblog Comments

According to new research results released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau bigger ad sizes work better. The study has analysed the effectiveness of different online ad sizes used in the McDonalds’ campaign and has shown that larger larger rich media ads perform better in communicating brand attributes. The news is reported today by Marsha Geller on Mediapost.

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