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The Michelin Super G

on November 5, 2007 by Martina Comments

If you loved playing the Winter Olympics ages ago on your Amiga, you will probably enjoy also the advergame Michelin has launched in Sweden. Everything it’s in Swedish, and I miss the connection with the product, but I guess the idea it’s to promote Michelin’s snow tires.

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Warm up the house

on October 19, 2007 by Martina Comments

From Sweden, a nice interactive experience. Actually I didn’t understand a word since it’s all in Swedish, but being a curious clicker I managed to find a way through the site and realize how it works… But let’s proceed step by step… The site is for Ahlens, one of the most well known brands in Sweden and the leading retailer in homeware (I guess it’s an Ikea’s competitor). Click on “Till mysutmaningen” to begin.

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The Volkswagen auditions

on October 16, 2007 by Martina Comments

In Sweden, Volkswagen is currently doing an audition to hire the perfect auto seller. As a visitor, you are given from each character a presentation of a different Golf model, and each actor of course does the presentation with his/her own touch of sensibility and irony…

There isn’t interactivity, but the whole thing is quite amusing as short video provide you will all the information you usually have to read. A good alternative for those who are bored/lazy

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Need an alibi?

on December 6, 2006 by Martina Comments

Want to play games on your Playstation but got a deadline for an exam or report that didn’t match your gaming ambitions? Then File Destructor is the right place for you. Send trashed files and blame your faulty computer, instead of confessing that you are a lazy bum who just wants to play videogames. The “devil” behind it is F&B, and the client is Hype, a Swedish magazine for videogames lovers.

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The interactive pediatrician

on November 30, 2006 by Martina Comments

From Sweden, an unusual (and innovative) interactive tool to understand if your kid, who is sick at home with a cold, needs to see a doctor. Of course, as Martin explained me, F&B (together with B-Reel) developed the tool for Apoteket (Swedish Pharmacy) in collaboration with doctors. The idea is to help parents decide if they need to take their kid to a pediatrician but also to offer personalized advice, including a list of relevant products. Part of the campaign is also a TV spot (opens mpg).

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Drive the shopping cart!

on November 8, 2005 by Martina Comments

An unusual (and smart) ad for Yahama placed on a supermarket shopping cart in Sweden. Don’t tell me you never played driving shopping cart [via Reklamefeber]

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Sweden to cut taxes on print advertising

on September 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

M&M Europe reports Swedish government has decided a €32m cut in the tax on print advertising, as a first step in abolishing the tax altogether. Swedish publishers have long argued that the advertising tax is unfair, as it does not apply to other media.

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Nissan goes online in Sweden

on May 10, 2005 by Martina Comments

Last month Nissan has introduced two new car models (Pathfinder and Murano) in Sweden. To support the launch the automaker has asked web agency Paregos to create its first online campaing in the country. Although there are certain differences between the two models, they have different communication concepts but the current promotional effort shares a mutual campaign strategy. The campaign sites are largely based on emotional appeal, as well as the personality and brand name of the cars. Daniel Ilic, creative at Paregos in Stockholm, gives us further details on Paregos’ creative approach: “We’ve introduced two explicit car models without actually showing them. They are always in the focal point, but mostly for the effect that they have on their surroundings. We picture the Murano causing a big sensation out on the street; the Pathfinder is a driving experience, and users don’t have to go further than the banner to find that out.” These are the links to the two sites: - Pathfinder - Murano

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