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Goldenhook : choose your grandma

on December 12, 2008 by Laurent Comments

There ‘s a French common proverb (arrogant of course…) saying “In France we don’t have oil, but we have ideas”. And this new website is a cool idea. Nice and simple.

It offers you to buy a special hat (bonnet). First you can customize it (shape/colours/material) and then choose the granny who is going to knit it. At the end, the site is nice but incomplete, but who cares, let’s say it is part of the home-made concept! It plays on contemporary trends like customization, and humanization of the trade. My Xmas list just got extended ! Merci Flo

Buzz of the Week : French Mario Kart

on December 11, 2008 by Laurent Comments

It has been days I’ve been hesitating to post on this …


It might be seen as pointless, and could have remained a funny local video. Except it has reached 1,200,000 views in one week on Dailymotion, and 900,000 on Youtube, making it one of the top 5 videos of last week worldwide. Figures that lots of agencies and brands would kill for. And yet, it is not marketed and no brand is behind it. By no brand I mean Nintendo. But still … even it is far from the family/social image the Japanese company is communicating on (I mean, who is this French punk showing bad example on road safety …), I let you imagine the huge and free exposure it means for them.

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Victoria’s Secret widget

on December 9, 2008 by Laurent Comments

To promote its website on its last and highly longed-for fashion show, Victoria’s Secret put a massive and rich widget forward. Loyal to the site it represents (fully developped in flash, with tons of materials), it offers a lot of content with videos, pictures and news feed.

I am convinced widgets could be a very good opportunity for brands, but they are too often used as shallow gadgets, with no marketing purpose, or just as an excuse to show your brand is up-to-date … Even if this one from Victoria’s Secret offers nothing innovative, it is well designed, and it can rely on the aspirational strength of the brand.

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Fiat 500 by Diesel

on December 8, 2008 by Laurent Comments

Christmas is coming, and you might want to offer something special to your relatives or friends, but of course going shopping in the crowded shops is a chore. Why not getting the limited edition of the Fiat 500 by Diesel ? Only 10,000 units of this car designed by Fiat and the fashion label Diesel, are being made available worldwide. You can configure and order it exclusively on the English website here.

This cool e-marketing association would have certainly deserved more content and online materials. Nevertheless, I suggest we launch a subscription to offer one to Martina !

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Rexona Toys

on December 4, 2008 by Laurent Comments

A very nice TV spot for Rexona.

Advertiser: Unilever Brand: Rexona Advertising Agency: VegaOlmosPonce, Buenos Aries Director: Nico & Martin Production Company: Primo, Buenos Aires Post Production: Bitt Animation / Che Revolution Post DoP: Cristian Cottet Editor: Patricio Pena I didn’t find any Rexona website on this soap campaign. Tell us if you find any. By looking for it, I came on the Argentine Rexona website for deodorant, and it proves to be very creative as well. Via

Wowow : 15 Step, 12 angles, your rainbow

on December 4, 2008 by Laurent Comments

Wowow, a Japanese Tv station gives you the opportunity to direct a video of a Radiohead live track on a dedicated page.

You can choose from 12 different angles to edit your video of 15 Step, played live during last band’s japanese tour. Each camera is represented by a colour, so your finalized video could be represented by a rainbow, which is all the concept/title of their last album.

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Bruce Lee plays ping pong, own style, for Nokia

on November 26, 2008 by Laurent Comments

A successful viral video by Nokia to promote its N96 … in China, and which has already crossed many borders. If you are lucky, have a good bandwith, or live in China, you might get access to the dedicated website. Apparently this limited edition of the N96 is a $1,300 handset for fans, if you consider it offers no exclusive technology or application, but has lots of embedded materials of the Little Dragon, like rare pictures. Not to mention the packaging : I am usually not keen on brands raising icons from the dead to promote their last product (like Converse and Ian Curtis, Grrr … nice brand, cool campaign, but still …), but I must admit this video rocks ! Why ? I didn’t get the point of ping pong yet, but I like it !

Hologram of French goalkeeper by Adidas

on November 25, 2008 by Laurent Comments

As you might be aware of, Princess Leia is no longer the only one to use holographic projection. Brands and media have been using this technology for some years now. The last one is Adidas. The brand put an hologram of Steve Mandanda (Olympique de Marseille and France goalkeeper) in a window of its Marseille store.

L’hologramme de Mandanda chez Adidaspar football-adidas

It kind of reminds me of a mix of the Nike Ribery live window in Munich and -in a different style …- the C&A hologram window. The Adidas stunt is nice but, from my point of view, not interactive enough. What is interesting though, is the way Adidas shot and edit a video exclusively designed for the web video plateforms to recount this event. That gives the opportunity to the brand to spread it and maximize its exposure. A lot of blogs are mentionning the information right now and are showing this video.

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Orange France : penalty duel

on November 18, 2008 by Laurent Comments

To promote its football broadcasting service on Orange TV and Orange mobile, the French Telco just launched a very nice micro site. It is a full window flash video, where Sebastien Chabal, a French rugby player, kind of an icon here, is about to shoot a penalty. Only for that he’s gonna need your help. So, you are asked to fill in a form, with your mobile number. (Unfortunately it won’t work outside France …) You then instantly receive a call, with Chabal asking you personally, to give him a hint, on which direction he should shoot. You can press a button on your mobile that will determine his shoot on screen right after.

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Axe Dry France : Canadairman

on October 20, 2008 by Laurent Comments

In France, Axe (Unilever) is launching today a website for its anti perspirant range: Dry .

It is based on the same concept than the international TV spot, with a guy who sweats like a fire hydrant, and who needs Axe antiperspirant to get a normal life and obviously like in any Axe campaign, get the girl! Unilever France developed a local version of this guy exclusively online: Canadairman… His huge sweating capacity allows him to extinguish fire. Axe produced a dedicated spot, with a viral potential on its target.

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