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March 29, 2010
God save the brand (experience)

I apologise. With World Cup just 2 months ahead, my time for blogging is almost non-existent. I feel bad for not taking care of Adverblog, but it's worse is that I don't even find the time to browse around and check the links I receive for my own interest and education.

Today I've been lucky, on a friends' website I found a very good collection of links to a selection of 25 great ecommerce website designs. The selection is a good starting point to discuss how an ecommerce homepage should be.


A lot of people think that if you give too much space to the brand experience, than consumers will not understand that is a retail experience. Others argue, that if you manage to "sell" the brand experience well, than consumers will also buy the product. Because of my background, I tend to agree with the latter opinion. However, a few recent experiences actually proved me that more product less brand is better if your focus on ROI. Nevertheless, I finish my confusing post by sharing a link to a brilliant ecommerce enable brand video by Diesel.

God save the brand!

Comments on this entry

Hey Martina,
On the Diesel interactive video, did you find it to be super clunky for a shopping experience? I agree the video was cool, the interactivity great, but there was no real thought around the usability of the video itself.

I wrote about it earlier here...

Would love your thoughts!

Posted by: Aden Hepburn at March 31, 2010 11:50 AM


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