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January 22, 2010
Do you know the Quack?

Firstborn has recently launched a simple yet effective digital experience to explain common misconception about well-being and insurances in the US. It's nothing more, nothing less than a promo for an insurance company called Aflac, so it's good to see it's not the usual boring corporate website you would expect for such a client.


What I really like is the communication approach that starts with the "attract and engage" phase. If this first part proves effective, consumers will be more likely to stay on the website, listen to the additional facts or promotional info the brand wants to get through and possibly convert their attention into a quote request. It's as simple as that... but how often do we remember to follow this path when we plan a digital experience?


February 05, 2009
The Web is your playground

In the US, Allstate and the Olympic Committee have launched an online contest to spread the Olympic spirit and the passion for sport through the Web and in particular within the Chicagoland-area. Six to twelve years old children are invited to design their dream playground and earn the chance to win cash awards and prices.


The website is very nicely designed in Flash with beautiful visuals and smooth animations. Even if I'm not exactly in the target audience, I loved it :-)

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February 03, 2009
Augmented reality to locate the closest ATM

I'm extremely interested in branded mobile applications. As you might have read some weeks ago, with Nike Italy I have recently launched a football related app called Nike Goal, so my eyes are wide open to look for ideas and inspirations to further explore the iPhone (and now also the G1) world in order to deliver value and great consumer experiences through the device. This said, let's have a look at the ING Wegweijzer application, I've discovered today on Springwise. Launched by the Dutch bank ING, the application for the T-Mobile G1 (Google phone) helps users to find not only the closest ATM machine, but also tells them how to get there and, most of all, in which direction to move the first step to reach it.


The application uses the G1’s GPS and digital compass to provide you with directions to the nearest bank machine. It's a great example of augmented reality, since ING Wegweijzer is capable to overlay directions onto real-time views of the surrounding area.

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January 21, 2009
ING and the (a)live website

After the successful "I need to go" online campaign launched by ING Direct about one year ago, the bank is back with a new project characterized by sense of humour and a smart use of the digital media..


The amusing idea Emakina came up with consists of a website that becomes "alive" thanks to the performance of a bunch of actors. I doesn't make much sense for me to explain it, you should just have a look and see yourself :-)

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December 14, 2008
Can you bank it??

Sometimes banks are able to do things differently. About one year ago I posted about ING's I need to go from Belgium, now it's time to fly to Brazil to discover I Can Bank It. The website, created by Gringo for Banco Itau tries to teach the youths how to save some money or, at least, to spend it in a better way.


Pick a character and begin the experience. How many minutes do you spend on your mobile every day? Do you know that reducing the costs of your calls could help you saving enough money to buy a laptop?

Continue reading... "Can you bank it??"

December 02, 2008
Bankers Stories

More than other banks Societe Generale went through difficult times during the last year or so. To regain credibility after the Jerome Kerviel affair, they decided to launch an online campaign to show the faces and tell the stories of the people that make Societe Generale a reliable bank.


They created a website, called Bankers Stories where a dozen of employees from around the world explain their vision of their work and how it contributes to the economic growth of the country or simply of the context they work in.

Althought the concept of the campaign isn't particularly innovative, I'm impressed by the quality of the videos, that makes the whole project interesting and worth being discovered also by those (like me) who couldn't care less about Societe Generale.


October 28, 2008
Escape the Bad Credit Hotel

Better late than never, the US Treasury has launched an online campaign to explain people the how to survive the credit nightmare. The Bad Credit Hotel is a gloomy black & white video based experience that helps citizends understanding the mysteries of debt management.


The whole thing is conceived and designed pretty well, and despite the name you certainly cannot call it a humorous nor entertaining experience. But what I find really interesting is the choice of the Web as ideal media to deliver such an important and actual message.


The agencies are Lowe New York and Firstborn.

September 20, 2008
The Tax Office is your friend

Strange but true, the Tax Office can be your friend. Look for example at the Dutch case, the local "belastingdienst" has launched a campaign to explain to young people how they can get some money back if they fill in and present the right form.


The initiative consists of nicely illustrated website that offers a bunch of tips and a series of amusing TV spots. My Dutch is good enough to enjoy the creativity, but I don't dare explaining it publicly. Anyway if you watch the videos n. 3 and 4 you can understand them and enjoy them even if you don't speak Dutch.


September 15, 2008
How healthy is your lifestyle?

You can take it for fun, or you can take it seriously. It's up to you. Discover how healthy is your lifestyle with this simple test put online by the British insurance company Pru Health.



I'm too borderline to share my results (the only positive thing is that I don't smoke). I'm wondering if they're tracking the results and keep the info for when someone asks for a quote...

September 02, 2008
HBO Voyeur 2.0

At first sight it looks exactly like HBO Voyeur (which is not a good thing), but if you have a better look you realize it's an enhanced version of the award winning Big Spaceship project.


This website, launched in Sweden by Starring for Atava, an insurance company, actually brings you live action broadcasted directly from the webcams of the users who want to be part of it.

Continue reading... "HBO Voyeur 2.0"

August 08, 2008
The Muffin Man

I very much like this TV spot by BBDO Toronto and Nexus Productions for the Royal Bank of Canada. I like it because it's beautiful, it's as simple as that :-) A sweet & retro style for an animated piece that tells the story of a successful business.

via Motiongrapher.

May 18, 2008
Stop The Aussie Invasion!

The advergame is extremely basic, but the idea behind is somehow amusing. Stop The Aussie Invasion challenges Kiwis to stop the invasion of Australian-owned banks that are getting more and more important in the country.


Your mission is to hit the bankers with pavlova cakes... and if you need a bank in New Zealand, Kiwibank is the answer for you. The agency behind is Total Direct.

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