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December 12, 2010
Most Contagious 2010

The annual best in show edited by Contagious Magazine has been released a few days ago. Once again, a great report to download for past and future reference. A part from the ugly combination of ugly dog + vuvuzelas on the cover, the rest is almost perfect...

July 22, 2009
Hellmann's #Realfood infographic movie

Released earlier this month in Canada, here is a very nice film from Ogilvy Toronto and Crush for Unilever Mayo Hellmann's.

Although the phenomenon of data visualization is far from new, this is a very well executed application for a branded purpose. It shows it is not only limited to IT, artistic, or research fields but can also perfectly illustrate a message in a FMCG environment. In this case urge people to take into consideration where the food they eat comes from, and the impact it possibly has, from an economic, environmental and social point of view.

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May 29, 2009
Mobile Apps according to Contagious

Recently, the guys at Contagious, sent me a complimentary copy of their latest report dedicated to Mobile Applications in 2009. Having developed an iPhone application myself (see Nike Goal post) I'm extremely interested in the topic and I have to say this report offers good food for thought, both for beginners and more "mature" marketers. I like it because it features the right balance of numbers, tips for brands, consumer insights and ideas' review which, in my opinion, represent the ideal mix to inspire new projects.

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December 30, 2008
YouTube Doubler

Last summer my friends Pit and Efrain sent me a link describing a strange experiment from the group Pop Levi using videos from YouTube for their single "Semi Babe".


You had to open both videos (each one of them featuring members of the group, one playing keyboards, the other one playing guitar and singing) in different browser windows and then resizing these to make both videos appear as one.

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October 28, 2008
A "Contagious" offer you can't refuse

If you are looking for some good and fresh food for thought in marketing and communication, you can't miss the Contagious Communications offer. Only for this week, you can buy their reports with a 50% discount.


This year they have published 5 reports filled with in-depth analysis of the latest trends, technologies and innovations affecting today's marketing landscape. For each report there is an executive summary available, just click on the links below to download it.

- Branded utility
- Goodvertising

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August 06, 2008
The Social Metropolis

The guys at GoViral got in touch with me to share some interesting stuff they have been recently working on. The first piece of content is a video of the presentation that Jimmy Maymann, GoViral's CEO, gave in Cannes last June. It's quite a long video, probably not very Web friendly, but it definitely offers good food for thought to understand how to get consumers attention online and how to activate your brand in the online media.

If you prefer reading to watching & listening, you are a lucky man (or woman) because GoViral also published a book with its research: The Social Metropolis. The book is available online in Flash version, but can also be downloaded as .pdf or, even cooler, it can arrive directly on your desktop at work... but you have to act fast... (and continue reading this post to the next page to find out what's the deal)...

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November 06, 2007
Social networking: where do brands fit?

I recently received a review copy of Contagious' report on Social Networking and User Generated Content, and I'd like to share the reading with you.

SN and UCG are definitely among the most debated topics of the moment, both online and offline. As usual, when there's a lot of buzz about something, you can hear/read a lot of good insights and relevant opinions but also a lot of bullshit (pardon my French...). When I received the report I read it with great interest and curiosity, because I love consumer studies (I like the idea of feeling predator and prey at the same time) and because I feel there is (and I have) still so much to learn about the fascinating Internet world. Contagious is a great magazine, therefore my expectations on the report were high. And I must say that I haven't been disappointed.

What I liked most it's the editorial approach they've taken, building a report that mixes sites overviews, consumer studies, case studies as well as opinions and insights from people who work and manage the SN industry. In my opinion, very often when you read industry or trends reports you're flooded with stats and numbers, you look at them and then you ask yourself "and now what?". With Contagious' report this is not the case.

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June 11, 2007
Europe, show me the numbers

It's quite some time I don't write about research and numbers (maybe because before I didn't care much !!??!!) but now in my new position, I have to keep my eyes open on this aspect of the business as well Thanks to the guys @ Marketingfacts (and to the brilliant powe of slideshare!), we can access a few interesting data on online advertising in Europe presented last week in Brussels by the IAB.

As you can see, UK leads the way, followed by Germany and France. Actually the info I find more interesting, is that the average expenditure per active user is 39.1€.

September 26, 2006
Europeans' perception of online marketing

BrandRepublic presents the results of the 13th NetObserver Europe report which found out French internet users are the most susceptible to online advertising and marketing.

For example, in the last 6 months, over 50 percent of French Internet users had taken part in an online competition organised by a brand or an e-commerce site. In the UK the number goes down to 35 percent. Less mature markets such as Spain and Italy (sigh!) have, on the contrary a better perception of online advertising. Germans are the most difficult to please with online marketing, but when it comes to e-commerce or buying online services, they appear to be the most active.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the full report, so if anyone has a copy (which I believe is free), I will be eager to see it. Thanks!

July 24, 2006
Consumer, where are you?

eMarketer features today an interesting chart based on Forrester's research on marketing channels used by US marketers. Once again it's a pity the results only reveal what's going on in the US, but still, it's good to know where the game is currently being played in the largest advertising market of the world.


May 03, 2006
The "alternative" online advertising channels

Research company PQ Media has released last month the "Blog, Podcast and RSS Advertising Outlook". According to the study, "combined spending on blog, podcast and RSS advertising bolted 198.4% to $20.4 million in 2005, and is expected to grow another 144.9% to $49.8 million in 2006".

In future perspective PQ Media believes that podcast advertising will be a larger market than blog advertising by 2010, when blogs will comprise only 39.7%, or $300.4 million, of overall expenditures in such "alternative" online channels.

Continue reading... "The "alternative" online advertising channels"

February 06, 2006
Branded content and word-of-mouth

Last week eMarketer has published the results of a research by Sharpe Partners which investigated the potentials of viral marketing. The results are interesting, since they confirm the power of viral marketing: 89 percent of US users are likely to share content with friends and colleagues, and only 5 percent refuse to share content that contains a clear brand message.

February 01, 2006
Europeans spend more and more time online

According to a new research by the European Interactive Advertising Bureau, the average European internet user spends 10 hours and 15 minutes online a week; a 17 per cent rise on 2004 and a 56 per cent rise on 2003. As reported on Revolution, With the exception of early mornings (6am to 10am), the internet is the second most-used medium throughout the rest of the day. The research also found blogging is becoming more popular, with 13 per cent of European users regularly contributing to online blogging sites.

November 24, 2005

Agency-advertiser, it's an hard life!

November 23, 2005

Q3 record for US online advertising

November 21, 2005

Users look at online ads

Young Europeans favourite sport? Surfing!

November 02, 2005

Don't forget of baby boomers

October 26, 2005

Behavioral targeting: less clicks more conversions

October 23, 2005

Online ads grow in Germany and UK

October 03, 2005

In-game advertising increases awareness

September 29, 2005

The age of media multi-tasking

August 09, 2005

Germany set for online advertising record year

August 08, 2005

Search engine advertising drives the growth

August 02, 2005

Relax, burnout is just around the corner

July 29, 2005

Top advertising agencies in the UK

July 27, 2005

Young users are the future of US mobile marketing

Journal of consumer marketing

July 22, 2005

Talk it easy: put the jargon away

July 20, 2005

Surf 'n listen to the radio

Questioning advertising accountability

July 19, 2005

Online "subtracts" money from traditional media ads

July 06, 2005

Consumers are receptive to in-store audio advertising

July 04, 2005

Aegis expects satisfactory results this year

June 21, 2005

Young Europeans watch less Tv

Online advertising booming in the UK

June 20, 2005

Automotive ads on auto websites increase purchase intent

June 17, 2005

Mobile advertising growing slooowly

June 02, 2005

Web ads will grow in 2005

May 09, 2005

The decade in online advertising

Online advertising in Pakistan

May 05, 2005

US marketers exploring new advertising channels

April 04, 2005

Online advertising grows in South Africa

March 10, 2005

Quick links: online advertising stats

January 10, 2005

SMS mania around the world

January 07, 2005

Don't cheat us with irrelevant numbers

Tiny budgets invested online in France

December 07, 2004

Firefox users don't click on ads

November 23, 2004

Opera's predictions for 2005

November 12, 2004

Dutch online advertising market flourishing

October 19, 2004

Eventually some cash

September 29, 2004

PPC: fraud is in the air

September 17, 2004

On the way to 2005 optimism grows

September 15, 2004

Porkers, Grazers and Nibblers... (???)

September 10, 2004

Users and annoying ads

July 28, 2004

Online ads' market growing

July 10, 2004

UK: online advertising boom

July 06, 2004

"Impossible is nothing" worked

June 22, 2004

Online advertising growing in Israel

June 13, 2004

Google rules in Europe

June 10, 2004

'Bored housewives' play online

May 31, 2004

Online advertising in New Zealand

May 13, 2004

Never underestimate wireless women

April 29, 2004

The messaging business

April 11, 2004

Australian online ad market growing

March 24, 2004

Dynamic Logic presents AdReaction Study

March 22, 2004

Broadband in Europe

March 03, 2004

Is Europe online yet?

March 01, 2004

Online advertising strikes back

February 25, 2004

US users and search engines

February 20, 2004

Jupiter: email marketing ain't dead (yet)

February 18, 2004

Online gamers stats

February 14, 2004

IAB: record revenue for online advertising

January 21, 2004

Australia: online advertising on the rise

January 13, 2004

Advertising in 2004 according to Gartner G2

Interactive ads increase brand awareness

January 08, 2004

Online advertising and the travel industry

December 29, 2003

Teens, Santa Clause and the mobile phones

December 11, 2003

(Wireless) Girls just wanna have fun

Online advertising in growing

November 18, 2003

Audio improves awareness of Online Advertising

November 03, 2003

Automotive industry should take an emotional approach

October 28, 2003

Car rental companies investing online

October 21, 2003

B2B E-mail Open Rates Higher Than B2C

October 07, 2003

SMS mania in the UK

September 04, 2003

Online ad spending is growing

August 11, 2003

GartnerG2: Interactive advertising has a bright future (maybe)

August 05, 2003

China Online Advertising Spending is growing

July 25, 2003

Teens, Internet better than TV

July 22, 2003

America's key influentials are online

July 20, 2003

An "Age" of Advertising in 1,873 pages

July 13, 2003

Online advertising in Italy

July 01, 2003

Content matters for Web advertising

June 12, 2003

Online advertising has a bright future

eMarketer's Online Advertising Essentials

June 06, 2003

The ringtones business

June 04, 2003

UK advertising spend growing

Bigger is better

June 02, 2003

Ad Spend Declines in Japan

May 28, 2003

What's the frequency Kenneth?

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