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September 10, 2008
Foot Locker Evolve (Nike Tuned 10)

Footlocker has launched a very nice website to promote its exclusive Nike model, the Tuned 10.


It must be pleasant for a highly reputed brand like Nike to know it can rely on its distributors to maintain its high standards of creativity. The ergonomy, navigation, animations, content, graphism benefit from a very good execution. The site cleverly exploits the shape and colours of the product. You can experience the shoes assets through simple but modern casual advergames. A little bit abstract you might say ... but this why the integration is well executed.

For example, have a look at the video, which fits in this environment.

My only reserve would be on the myspace page. I am not questioning the choice of this social network, which I find quite fair, I just don't understand what is the point of developing a nice branded page on myspace ... with no music, not even a single sound ?!


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