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November 30, 2010
Slow down iPhone app

From Belgium, a great idea that will probably just remain a brilliant advertising idea. Young people tend to drive fast when they listen to music. So the Belgian road safety organization Parents of Child Road Victims has created an iPhone application that plays music and adapts the pace the song to the driver's speed.

When the driver drives too fast the music slows down or even stops if the speed is over 10 km/h than the speed limit. Great, fantastic idea. But why should I use an application to play music in my car that gets annoying when I'm driving too fast? Looks to be this is a good example of a useless brillant idea. Or maybe rather than an iPhone app you will uninstall after 10 minutes, this should become a mandatory feature for music players installed on cars (regardless of the drivers' age). What do you think?

November 30, 2010
NIKE iDLike, share what you like and a bit more...

I'm happy to share with you my latest project with NIKEiD on Facebook. I'm sure that every year we all face the same problem with some of the presents we receive from our friends: they suck. Either you don't like them at all, or simply they are the number 99 pair of gloves you receive, the bath salts you won't use because you only own a shower, or the same red panties you received last year...


NIKE iDLIKE gives you the opportunity to share with your friends the ideal gift you'd like to receive for Christmas, the gift that fits your style or your performance needs. But NIKE iDLIKE also allows you to let your friends know with wit and irony your thoughts about the cheesy, useless or impersonal gifts they have give you in the past.

Unfortunately the Facebook App is only in Italian, so most of you won't be able to experience it at full. Anyway, if you check it out, I will be grateful if you could share your feedback on it.

November 26, 2010
T-Mobile uses chatroulette piano guy

Re-newed Illegal Advertising points at a new T-Mobile viral. Right after the successful Heathrow Airport welcome back flashmob, they've put another 'feelgood at the airport' video online. This time T-Mobile hooked up with Merton, better known as the chatroulette piano guy. He plays improvised personalised songs for people leaving the airport. Would have been nice to see more, but I like it.

November 25, 2010
H&M; uses 3D projections to open a store in Amsterdam

On Monday 22nd the Swedish fashion brand H&M; opened its flagship store in a monumental building in Amsterdam. As Ralph Lauren did with their stores in London and New York, H&M; used 3D projections together with music in the opening ceremony.

Social gaming meets football

The next level of gaming is social gaming. The next level of Facebook is probably attempting to become "the WEB" with no need for you to browse content anywhere else. The next level of sports marketing is giving you the opportunity to become a football star, if not in real life (see The Chance project), at least in the virtual world. All of this is summed up in I AM PLAYR an immersive social football gaming that will launch over the next few weeks.

Looking at the trailer, the project seems to be super promising (and not only because Nike is highly involved in this :-) But the question is whether this kind of social game will actually prove engaging to the picky audience of 14 to 18 years old football players wannabe who, as The Next Web points out, have shown no interest neither Mafia Wars nor Farmville.

November 23, 2010
Facebook book

A facebook book. Everyone has had this idea - but great to see it done so well. If anyone was lucky enough to get one please post/comment and show us.

When Facebook becomes a book from Siavosh Zabeti on Vimeo.

I want one. Maybe some smart cookie can create an app for us to do it for us all?? Let us know?

November 19, 2010
BE Originals: bet your Twitter followers

In Japan Adidas Originals has launched a weird Twitter challange together with MTV. It's the classic rock paper & scissor game, but the point is that you bet your own Twitter followers. Fortunately it's just a virtual game, and it doesn't use the account connect functionality, otherwise I would have lost over 4000 followers in 2 minutes.


Anyway I think the CPU playing for Adi was cheating... maybe he knew I'm a Nike person :-)

November 16, 2010
Skoda Fabia vRS - Mean or Lovely?

To support the new Skoda Fabia vRS TV spot we've created a split personality microsite. One half lovely, the other a little mean and to get people involved we're giving a car to both the meanest person in the UK and the loveliest. Using a combination of Facebook connect and a little help from your friends you must prove that you deserve the prize.


November 15, 2010
RockMelt wanna be

Rockmelt aims to become a "Social Browser" by integrating your social life directly into your web browser's interface to create one seamless experience no matter what website you are viewing. I'm not sure but check in and take a look.

November 13, 2010
Japan Tourism: Powder Dash Facebook App

This app invites you carve deep powder tracks down a fresh mountain, hit jumps, score points and unlock a line of advanced boards to get you thinking about Japan. Users can challenge friends or compete on the leaderboard.

November 12, 2010
Volkswagen and the Speed Camera Lottery

The speed Camera Lottery is a new and wonderful action from Volkswagen's Fun Theory:

November 11, 2010
Behind the scenes – The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online contacted North Kingdom after they saw "Get the glass" and wanted them to work on a project with them and T.Rowe-Price. They wanted to create a fun game for kids that also teaches them about finance.
Check it out...



A Life On Facebook

The story of a man told through the facebook interface.

November 10, 2010
AACD "Unique Types"

This one is a lovely one. The AACD (Association for the Assistance of Disabled Children) is a non-profit organization that has been providing assistance to people with disabilities for the last 60 years. It is the main treatment and research center, and probably the greatest Brazilian benchmark for the social inclusion of disabled people.

Then, Agencia Click Isobar invited designers around the world to create Unique Types, very special versions of fonts inspired on the AACD children. All the fonts were created under Creative Commons and may be used freely and at no cost. Designers, Agencies, Advertisers and Media Vehicles worked together to implement the project, being the fonts created, used in advertising ads and published. Once they are published, part of the ad's revenue goes to AACD.

November 08, 2010
Find Red

The five colourful M&M;'S spokescandies are looking for their outspoken brother, Red. Canadians will have a chance to win a red smart fortwo coupe by helping with the search in a new online promotion called Find Red created by Proximity Canada.

The search begins on, where participants can use a version of the Google Maps Street View API to look for three virtual Toronto locations where Red is hidden. To help with the search, the M&M;'s characters will seed clues to Red's whereabouts on various social media channels, including Facebook, where the brand has just launched a new M&M;'s Canada fan page.

November 07, 2010
Black Ops

Can NOT wait for this game... have pre-ordered and will pick up on Tuesday. Here's the ad.

Mini ARG Stockholm

This new alternate reality game / iPhone app combo from MINI in Sweden is very cool indeed.

The game challenges you to hunt, catch and escape with a virtual MINI in Stockholm using an iPhone app and your own two legs. The catch is, you have to get within 50m of the virtual MINI to hit "Take The MINI Now" in the app before escaping as fast as possible, because anyone else who gets within 50m of you can instantly take the virtual MINI back! If you are the person holding the virtual MINI after 7 days of 24/7 gaming, you’ll win a real MINI Countryman.

November 05, 2010
Update the rainbow

Cool campaign from Skittles, going full on the live element. Enter an update and 15min later, you'll get your update visualized by a real person in a YouTube video. A whole battery of Skittles call centre peeps are working at office hours (UK) to make it all happen. A worthy follow up to the semi-live Old Spice personalized YouTube attack, earlier this year.

Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 4.51.37 PM.png

November 04, 2010
Nike "Who follows who?" challenge

Love this way of using the concept of Twitter "follower", transforming it into people running because they want to follow you, from BBDO Argentina for Nike and its 10k race in Buenos Aires:

You can challenge your friends here.

Etiquetas for Indio beer


This one is a one from us. Cerveza Indio probably has one of the best brand stories in Mexico, as its original name was "Cuautehmoc" (an aztec king), but apparently nobody called the product (a bottle of beer) by that name but by referring to it as "El indio" ("The indian", because of the character on the label). And in the end, the brand decided to rename itself as "Indio".

In the spirit of that, the brand releases every year some special editions with different labels, trying to pay a tribute to that mexican urban culture that inspired its name, so "Etiquetas" is a website containing some stories we created for each label, i.e., the "Loteria" ("lottery") one:

You can check the other ones at "Etiquetas" website.

Guide Dogs of Australia

Applying for the worst job in the world... would you take it?

Don Draper Says "What?"

November 03, 2010

Influencers, or influentials, are hot these days. The docu INFLUENCERS explores what it means to be an influencer and how creativity and trends become contagious. The 13 minute online docu is a Poloraid snapshot, and shows New York creatives talking about those who are shaping todays pop culture. Inspiring.


San Dieago News Fail

Get ya shit together guys! I imagine someone is getting fired!

WTF Has Obama Done So Far???

It's mid-terms in the USA and Obama is under fire... This site fuels the fire. Also I closed my previous twitter acct - now follow me here :)

Picture 34.png

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