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January 30, 2007
Heidies are gone, now get a life

I just came back from XXX where I was staying (and working) next door to the Heidies. It has been an amazing and successful week, and I promise to share some back-stage photo and thoughts now that the project is over. We have been working for 16 hours a day but it was worth it. It's incredible what we managed to do in 5 days only, the press and the blogs which have been talking about the Heidies is just huge! For those of you who were wondering who was behind this project, I can say it has been a joint collaboration of the Diesel Creative Team and the Swedish agency FarFar.


Now it's time to go back to my daily (crazy) life, and start again taking care of this blog! If you believe I missed a cool interactive campaign over the last two weeks, drop me an email...

January 22, 2007
Heidies for successful living!

Didn't I tell you I was working on something cool & sexy? Check out to see what's going on... It’s sexy, it’s ironic, but most of all it’s live ;-)

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January 21, 2007
Beer, music and laughs

From Japan, via IdeenVerteiler the Sapporo Beer Musical. It's a little bit too long (and definitely inspired by the Stockholm's musical advertising idea) but it's quite amusing to watch, especially for those who are always curious to know what's going on in Japan.

Bear in mind that the actors in the spot are all Sapporo's employees...

January 18, 2007
Open your eyes on violence on children

You already know I'm always glad when I see online marketing applied to social campaigns. The new one I've been told about by Dick and his agency (Achtung!) has been launched to draw people's attention on children suffering in The Netherlands.

The site is called in Dutch "Ik zie ik zie wat jij niet ziet" (which translates as "I see I see what you don't see") and it has been developed for SIRE (Stichting Ideële Reclame - Foundation for Non-commercial Campaigns) a is not government-funded association which works on campaign on urgent issues in society that do not get enough attention. The work done for SIRE by advertising agencies, web agencies and other companies is donated. The same goes for air time, ad space and other facilities.

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January 16, 2007
Fresh Footwork

Glue London just released a new episode in the online campaign for Virgin Money. It's an interactive, kinda strange but nicely simple video thing that shows a classical ballerina going wild and wilder after you hit the say yes button. It did trigger me to go all the way through.

January 15, 2007
Quick links for January 15th

How does Converse look like in Russia? The answer is in this super cool website by Red Ked Studio. (great they remembered of sound design!)

From Brazil, an advergame for Natu Nobilis whisky. Quite funny they developed a driving game for a super alcoholic drink...

January 14, 2007
Diesel Crime Reconstruction

This is what I'm currently working on...

January 11, 2007
Fly me to the moon...

... but I can end up in France... there's a new online campaign, by The Moon Travel corporation, a fictional travel agency, to drive tourists to the Moon. Those who apply to reach this destination will actually arrive in Nancy or Metz, but I believe this is just a detail... :-)


Le Journal du Net reports more details on the initiative which debuted online last November with the mini-site and advertising spaces bought on MSN and Yahoo! messenger services. Since the launch over 45.000 French users have visited the site (which isn't much...), to take a series of (advergame-based) tests and win the travel to the moon. Overall the concept is nice, but according to me it has been developed though a site which looks somehow too complicated.

January 10, 2007
Steve Jobs 2007 Keynote

I guess you've all heard the news by now: Apple is introducing the long awaited iPhone. Steve Jobs announced this during his annual keynote speech at MacWorld. But there's more. In this spoofed keynote speech by Greenpeace we hear that Apple turns green. Nice timing!

"This is the product that you, our users, asked for, and which all of us at Apple wanted to make."

January 09, 2007
Have you got the Paris attitude?

Hold on a second, before your read further: this post IS NOT about Paris Hilton. C'Est So Paris is a brilliant website by BDDP & Fils agency for the Regional Tourism Committee of Paris Ile-de-France. They came up with a great concept to promote a city you wouldn't expect to have to promote (do we really need an advertising campaign to send tourists to Paris??) and they did it with a lot of sense of (French) humor.


You don't have to speak French to fully enjoy Paris (but it surely helps a lot, despite what the website is trying to communicate...). The website is fun, the offline campaign maybe it's scary...


Thanks Jean for the link!

January 08, 2007
When recycling becomes interior design

From Australia, a very nice campaign by HP. It's not really about recycling old printers (I mean, it's not really environmentally friendly), but surely helps with some ideas on how to find a new application for old hardwares.


As Miel points out on his blog, they could have exploited the concept online as well, maybe launching a challenge to consumers on possible alternative placements for old printers. Good to see not all the brands always think about exploiting consumer generated content :-)


Challenge the cat

The Great American Cat Stare-Off: a site for cats' lovers (and therefore not for me :-)...


For how long can you maintain eye contact with a cat without blinking? Take the test, IAMS (and its cats testimonials) are challenging you!


The site is nothing more than a gimmick, but it's still nice to waste a couple of minutes...

January 07, 2007
The iPod Revolution

In late December, Discovery Channel (US) aired a great documentary about the history of iPod. Since it's introduction in October 2001, Apple sold over 70 million pieces worldwide. An amazing story.

Advergames around the world

A lazy Sunday afternoon with some time to spend to look through the advergames submissions I've received over the last couple of weeks...

From Argentina, an advergame by Three Melons for Sony, to promote their Home Theatre device called Muteki. The game is connected to a promotion which includes a reward for every level you overcome.


From the US, Water Busters! an edugame launched by the Seattle Public Utilities to teach people how's important to save water. It's not exciting to play, but does a good job explaining where you can avoid wasting water.


Continue reading... "Advergames around the world"

Sweetness and poetry for HP

On Ventilate I've found the link to HP: Unity Tree. I'm not sure if the site used to be an Advent Calendar during December, and I can't really say what it has been created for (can you help?), but it's surely poetic, sweet, and it has been lovely designed and animated.


DraftFCB Toronto and The Blackheart Gang are behind it.

January 06, 2007
Ignite the web

In Mozilla's ongoing campaign to promote their FIrefox browser, they get a lot of support from a fast growing Firefox community. But sometimes they make their own ads - and damn good too! Here's the latest TV commercial.

January 05, 2007
The Truth In Ad Sales

At Cannes Film Festival 2001 we've seen the hilarious spoof on the advertising industry in the "Truth in Advertising" video. Now a similar video pops up. Get ready for "The Truth In Ad Sales".

January 04, 2007
Nike, Laser Engineered

From Paris, a cool outdoor campaign by DDB for Nike... the new shoes are Laser Engineered, you can really tell...

Continue reading... "Nike, Laser Engineered"

Urban video spam?

Via Woostercollective, an interesting guerrilla marketing campaign done by chewing gum brand Sportlife in The Netherlands. Videos of a skateboarder got projected on the walls in the main Dutch cities with the goal of draw people's attention on the Sportlife's call to action: "Can you make it to the pack?".

Another form of urban spam as my friend Piers would say? :-)

Wonderwoman or Bewitched?

After the Rexona stuntmen, it's time now for the "Sure" Heroines. The TV ad, by Lowe London, is not as good as the Rexona one, but still does a nice job, more in Bewitched style I would say...

January 03, 2007
Happy New Year everybody!

As you might have guessed, I've been offline for a couple of weeks... first busy closing some projects and then on holiday trying to recover from an annoyting flu... Now I'm back, ready to start again blogging on a regular basis (I promise :-) and working on a few more ideas to improve Adverblog and its appeal. Stay tuned!

I wish you all (and you're a lot) a 2007 full of great interactive ideas (Monday to Friday) and of love, sex and happiness (every week-end... at least :-).

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