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March 26, 2009
Adidas House Party - Simpsons edition

Just over a month ago, Adidas released their kick-ass Celebrate Originality "House Party" spot. This video included celebrity stars like David Beckham, Katy Perry, Kevin Garnett, Missy Elliott, and Mark Gonzales. UK television channel Sky 1 now made a hilarious parody to promote The Simpsons. Featuring celebrity stars like Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Marge..

March 25, 2009
NIKEiD Troupe Battle

If you enjoy the hip-hop world you can't miss the Troupe Battle. Created by my friends at Nike EMEA, together with Japanese agency Root, the website celebrates a shoe designed for Hip-Hop.


You can decide the role you want to play in the site. If you feel shy you can just judge the shoes, or if you dare, you can submit your own Troupe.

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Mini Clubman goes viral

I don't want to spoil too much, but making fun of virals is making this Mini Cooper Clubman viral a real viral. At least, that's what I think. See for yourself..

March 24, 2009
Sofia Coppola and Miss Dior

In France, Dior is online with a website to complete the communication action around its fragrance Miss Dior Cherie.


Since the key (and most expensive) part of the campaign is the TV spot directed by Sofia Coppola, the site is built around so, at first sight, you might think "yes, nice but it's nothing new". I tend to agree, the book interface has been done already hundreds of times, but I still think the Miss Dior Cherie site is still a good work to point out. And I'm not saying this because of the nice visuals or the beautiful music that welcomes visitors.

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March 23, 2009
Our song

We were at NYC last week voting One Show Interactive (I still havel to update that post!) when Iain Tait came up with one of the most funny and memorable quotes of the event: "i like this piece very much, it's not about being so-well crafted or being a great production at all, i just like it simply because it is so fucking awesome"... which prompted us into a big laugh.

Then we saw the work, and I think that this is one of the most remarkable uses of Facebook I've found out this year. Done by Daddy to promote Telia, an online music store in Sweden, it uses the platform in such a naive way.

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Chlorophyllo, mes que un heroe

Tribal DDB has recently launched a crazy advergame for Airwaves in France. In an interactive video, you play Chlorophyllo, a Mexican wrestler who gets his strength from the main ingredient you can get in Chloromenthol Airwaves gum. You need to fight the evil Dr Mano Negra, who wants to get the secret of your power, rule the world etc...


The art direction is nice, the script and the gameplay are very simple (too simple?), the prize (a trip to Cancun) is attractive : that sounds like a good recipe for a catchy campaign.

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March 22, 2009
Adverblog + Facebook + Delicious

Sunday is the perfect day for house and blog keeping. I've just restarted the group on Adverblog's Friends Group on Facebook and I eventually remember to share with you the Adverblog's profile on Delicious.

If you are looking for digital inspirations and food for thought, feel free to join both. But please remember I won't accept any friendship request if you don't introduce yourself at least with a line...

Marketing 2.0 - let's meet in Paris

On the 30th and 31st of March I will be in Paris for the Marketing 2.0 Conference. I'm very happy and honored to have been invited to join the panel on "How Brands integrate Social Media into Marketing Strategy and Daily Business?! Maintaining Relationships to Improve ROI".


The entire event sounds extremely promising, full of interesting people to meet and listen to. I strongly recommend you to attend. In case you are in Paris, would be nice to meet for a drink on Monday night. Drop me a line at martina @ adverblog. com.

March 21, 2009
Drag & drop shopping

If you are looking for some inspiration to build a cool e-shopping interface, you should definitely have a look at this Japanese website.


Hoop is a multi-brand online store that is trying to replicate digitally the gestures of offline shopping. You browse the racks like you would do in brick & mortar store, and when you decide to purchase something you simply drag and drop it from one rack to another.

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Donate a meal

In Germany the Dusseldorfer Kindertafel has launched an outstanding interactive project to raise funds and buy meals for over 16000 poor children living in the city.


On the website you meet a line of kids who look at you with an empty dish in their hands. You can donate food by clicking on the dishes around them. And when you are done with you donation you checkout and have the possibility to leave a message to the world written on a decorated dish.

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March 20, 2009
H&M; catwalk and Facebook

H&M; is online with a mini-site that presents and sells its Spring Summer Collection. It looks like a neverending catwalk, where users can change the models' outfit just with a click.


The changing dress effect is quite amusing, as in the transition models magically get (almost) naked for a second.

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March 17, 2009
Coach K and NIKEiD

If you're a (Nike) basketball fan and you admire coach K, then you'll love this NIKEiD video...

March 16, 2009
The world of Watchmen

Watchmen, the movie, is generating quite some buzz online, not only among those who loved the graphic novel by Alan Moore. What is really at the core of the discussion is Warner Bros attitude towards spontaneous (and positive) word of mouth around the opening titles sequence released last week with authorization. Well, WB did not like the move by yU+Co, and has "kindly" asked all the websites that posted the video to remove it immediately. Strange but true, the video is almost impossible (but not completely impossible :) to find. Does this mean entertainment corporations are getting more and more powerful? Or maybe bloggers & co. have lost a bit of their confidence?


My first reaction is to criticize WB for the silly move, but then a doubt started rising in my mind. Was this just a smart PR move to drive more attention around the movie? Who knows. But my opinion is: never play with fire.

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March 12, 2009
The dancing t-shirts

An infinite number of animated t-shirts populates the summer collection of Japanese fashion brand Sunny Clouds. The website is pretty basic but also quite fresh in presenting the product and driving immediate sales.


The animations with the t-shirt definitely buy the products some attention, and even the product catalogue shots become interesting in a context that communicates a feeling of joy and makes you feel Spring is almost here.


The year the whole world went away

One of the most known Mayan prophecies is the one that reads that the world will end in December of 2012, according to the end of the Long Count Calendar. I was about to watch a movie once and then this trailer appeared:

It seemed kind of funny that instead of being given a website to check out for more info, i was given a term to be Googled, and finally, a few days after i found some things about that:


Continue reading... "The year the whole world went away"

March 11, 2009
Speed lessons by HEAD

The popular racquet producer HEAD is online with a digital project to start driving interest around a new racquet that is about to hit the market. The website takes an amusing approach to tennis, with a cartoon and the support of Novak Djokovic' voice.


A series of short video animations explain visitors the effects of the Speed racquet on the game.

Continue reading... "Speed lessons by HEAD"

March 10, 2009
Comcast Town

I think one of the brands that uses interactive in a really wise way lately is Comcast. The awareness they've gotten since their 2005 fantastic Comcastic (not online anymore?) and other pieces like Tripleslanguage has made the brand being known even in places where Comcast services are not available, so i'm always kind of expectant what they will be releasing next.


These days, and again done by Goodby Silverstein and Partners, working together with Nexus Productions and Unit9, there is a new campaign called Dream Big. Presenting a fantastic website using a look-alike of isometric view Sims-style games, you can join the so-called Comcast Town, choose a neighborhood and then build your own space, using the capabilities of the Triple Play feature (tv, phone, internet) and inserting the product in a really smart way inside the experience.

Continue reading... "Comcast Town"

Killzone 2: World Wide War

Sony Computer Entertainment recently released Killzone 2 on Playstation 3, and has been using quite an original way to promote this First Person Shooter videogame. Considering that Killzone scenario are more or less about repelling total invasion by enemies (Helghast forces), Sony brought this scheme online, with a dedicated webgame.


You can register on the killzonewebgame page, install a Killzone toolbar on your browser and be ready to fight ! While you are browsing the internet, you may get under attack at any time, if you decide to engage the fight, Helghast forces appear in your window. Basically, you then need to get rid of them.

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March 08, 2009
Uniqlo Barbie style

Uniqlo has just launched a new microsite to present it Women collection. The world they picture this time is all pink and you can't help thinking about Barbie with a touch of Pink Panther.


The project focus is on delivering a nice experience that drives online sales. The tecnique is the same they used a few weeks ago for the parka collection: a cool intro animation that provides an overview of the collection and gets consumers' attention, and then a flat yet nicely done slideshow with all the models to click, discover and purchase.


The Frito Lay methaphors

Recently Goodby Silverstein & Partners created a website for Frito Lay. I must say I looked at it a few weeks ago and I consciously ignored it, because it took a long time to load, and then I didn't understand it in the 30 seconds I always grant a digital project to explain me what it is about out.


Then today I read a post on Digital Buzz and I decided to give Made For Each Other another chance, and I was surprised to discover a very beautiful website, populated with weird characters and interactions that actually had nothing to do with the chips world.

Continue reading... "The Frito Lay methaphors"

Home shopping according to H&M;

H&M; has launched a new section of its ecommerce website to promote and sell its home collection. It's a pretty basic website, but it still represent a good reference as it contains all the elements that contribute to a positive online shopping experience.


First of all the website features beautiful high-quality photographs. But the real added value in the product presentation is represented but the fact that all the items are put into context. You don't simply browse a series of tableclothes, dishclothes and pillows but you actually see how they will look like in an ideal kitchen or living room.

Continue reading... "Home shopping according to H&M;"

New look for K-Swiss

K-Swiss has refreshed the look of its Kspace website with the help of Perfect Fools. The website combines beautiful shots of K-Swiss' testimonials with video interviews where they explain their own style on and off the tennis court.


The mood is very classy with a black & white look and feel that positions the brand as classic yet cool (and even sexy) choice in footwear. A quite different approach after last year's free running campaign.

Continue reading... "New look for K-Swiss"

March 07, 2009
Docomo plays with a pixel world

In Japan Docomo is online with a new advergame to promote its Prime series of mobile phones, especially created for maximum enjoyment of video, games and other entertainment by people who love to explore the latest multimedia.


Of course given the language gap understanding how the game works is far from being simple. However I somehow managed to understand that after choosing a character you have to walk around the city to meet other groups of people and challenge them in quick and easy games.

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March 05, 2009
Amazing tricks by French Nike athletes

(As a forewarning I have to make it clear this is a campaign I've been working on with my agency Mindshare Paris)

Nike is currently running a campaign for Nike Sportswear called V is for Victory, to promote their Track Jacket. Nike France produced two nice viral videos, which, as you will see, are typically French !

Here is the very last one released today, where you can see Hatem Ben Arfa, top class football player at Olympique de Marseille, playing petanque (I told you it was very French !) his own way as he scores an amazing point :

Continue reading... "Amazing tricks by French Nike athletes"

The one that spoke to me

In the UK the Tate Liverpool museum has launched a digital action to let visitors share their thoughts and feeling around the art pieces in its collection. It's an interesting project, first of all because it's a rare example of online art marketing. I'm definitely not an art expert, but I feel the insight and the idea of opening up art world (and the artworks) to the public are a very fertile field.


The website created by Fallon London is definitely very 2.0, not just because it features the "traditional" tag cloud but because it stimulates users' participation. There is only one thing I find a bit weak is interface, which results a bit too clean and simple even empty I would say.


Right Music Wrongs

Virgin Mobile, via Droga5 Sydney have created an amusing campaign titled Right Music Wrongs. The campaign has launched with a YouTube video of Vanilla Ice apologising for all the bad things he did when he was in his prime eg his bad hair, bad clothes...

It looks like they will follow this up with such music wrongs as Milli Vanilli, Peter Andre, Michael Bolton etc


The site is nice and pretty amusing, but I wanted to be able to right the wrongs and I couldn't. The user interaction with the site is through voting if they innocent or guilty and posting comments. Check it out here.

March 04, 2009
Wi-Fi advertising

Yesterday, my friend and co-worker Arturo and myself found out a couple of brilliant cases of integrated advertising, done respectively by German agencies Lukas Lindemann Rosinski and Jung Von Matt.

I think that both the image for the first case and the video for the second one are absolutely self-explanatory...

(Further explanation here, if you feel like to and here is a video of it) Continue reading... "Wi-Fi advertising"

March 03, 2009
Beams Women gets 25

Beams celebrates the 25th anniversary of its Women collections with a dedicated website.


As it often happens with Japanese digital works, the product presentation is particularly interesting to check out, even if, at first sight (and not only), it strongly reminds me of the Tutuanna website launched last September.

Continue reading... "Beams Women gets 25"

The Cisco Superheroes

Cisco is online with a new campaign to promote its "super" security services. A bunch of super heroes (very much reminding me of the Fantastic Four) are ready to defend companies and individuals from a new generation of criminals acting in the digital world. Their stories are told through four webisodes which will be released from now to April.


Unfortunately the site, despite the great artworks, is nothing special and misses the opportunity of really connecting in a more engaging and interactive ways with Cisco's actual and future clients. It's also funny to point out that Cisco, which positions itself as "the human network", decides to run a campaign that is all about super heroes...

Continue reading... "The Cisco Superheroes"

March 02, 2009
Blogging One Show Interactive 2009


This year i'm part of the jury for 2009 One Show Interactive competition, so needless to say how happy and excited i am, looking forward to meet some old friends and meeting some new people that i admire and respect so much, to discuss some of the best works in the industry.

A couple of weeks ago i got an email from Kevin Swanepoel, President of the One Club organization about jurors blogging the process of voting from their personal point of view, so i liked the idea and after talking about that with Martina i thought that Adverblog would be a nice place to write about that rather than in a personal blog of mine.

Guessing some other people will write about that, i think i'll be just updating this post (so bookmark it or revisit it often if you're interested) or creating a couple more of them (i don't know yet, i think i'll discover as soon as i land in New York City in a couple of weeks), as well as posting things at Twitter under the #oneshow09 and #oneshow hashtags. Obviously, i won't be writing to trash anyone and not because i'm speaking about some project i liked means anything further than that. Oh, and also i was told not to reveal the winners either :)

Continue reading... "Blogging One Show Interactive 2009"

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