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Twingo test drivers wanted

August 12, 2007 at 9:05 by Martina Comments

In Belgium, Renault Twingo is looking for a new test driver. The selection process is currently taking place in a Twingo Lab located somewhere in the countryside where a crazy professor and his humble assistant are testing the potential candidates.
You can also participate in the selection, you just need to sign up filling a form to be enrolled. It’s an amusing experience and the tests you have to overcome are not as easy as you might presume at first sight. I’m still stuck with the second trial, and I’m becoming quite addicted (of better, annoyed) to the fact I don’t manage to move to the third test.

The site is available both in French and Dutch. The tests are, of course, the same, but the crazy professor and his assistant change, and this makes a lot of sense, since they have to tell you a story at the beginning.
Overall Bureau 347 created a nice experience, with the right mix of sense of humour and entertainment that, given the market segment the car aims to reach should prove quite correct to introduce the new Twingo. Which actually looks like the old Modus… but this is another story ;-)

3 Responses to Twingo test drivers wanted

  1. Nicolas says:

    The first days the campaign was online, they also had a little movie on the homepage under the title “message to the bloggers”. It was an amateur-style home-made webcam recording by the assistant, in which he asked the bloggers to “hang up a sign for my website on the wall of your blog”. It looked a bit like begging for free publicity, but it was funny. Some blogs posted the video. I did, if you want to see it ;-)

  2. Alex says:

    This is so lame. First it’s a pain to have to fill in a form to begin, but I continued anyway for research’s sake and filled in a fake address. Then went through the 5 stupid “tests” hoping I would get to drive a Twingo in a sort of computer game and instead it tells me it will send me a mail about where I can drive one for real. Aaargh! To the fake address!

  3. Fred says:

    Alex, isn’t is simply because you don’t fully understand French? It’s written in the register form that a valid email address is necessary :-)

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