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BMW, relearn to drive

July 19, 2007 at 1:49 by Martina Comments

Relearn to drive is an amusing series of flashback videos launched by BMW to promote its Performance Driving School. Created by Juxt Interactive, based on a concept by GSD&M, the site features nine characters who provide you with advices on how to improve your driving skills. You can find the car seller who tells you “The bigger the rings, the better they look on the steering wheel“, or the poshy/divorced/nervous mum that explains “You should never drive faster than your age“.

The whole thing is definitely funny to watch, and I’m quite sure that those who visit the site will not only have a look at all nine videos, but also hit the button and send the link to their friends (and enemies).

A nice “plus” to point out, is that the “send to a friend” changes from video to video, generating personalized messages for all tastes and recipients. If you know a bad driver, spread the word.

2 Responses to BMW, relearn to drive

  1. Brendan says:

    Juxt created the website, but the campaign and idea was developed by GSD&M out of Austin.

  2. Josh at JUXT says:

    Brendan is absolutely right! GSD&M rocks the house. But they wouldn’t let us use the Tim Cole videos! What’s up with that?

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