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Disappointed (and discriminated) by Google AdSense

on July 8, 2003 by adverblog Comments

I’m very disappointed by Google AdSense. I might even say I’m angry with Google. A “perfect” machine that fails in a quite miserable way. So, here is the story…. As many others I was excited by the idea of earning some money to support this blog through Google AdSense Program. I’ve tried to apply for it twice, and both times I got the following answers:

Dear Martina Zavagno, Thank you very much for applying to Google AdSense. We are eager to let you to start serving AdWords ads on your website. Currently, however, we are only able to target ads to English content. As your web content is primarily or entirely in a non-English language, we are unable to accept your website at this time. We hope to be able to offer Google AdSense to non-English websites soon, so we have placed your application on hold. When we are able to target ads to your sites language, well contact you at the email address you provided us. We appreciate your patience. Sincerely, The Google Team

All right, I’m Italian, my English might not be perfect, but please, at least you guys, gimme a sign what I’m writing here on Adverblog at least resemble to English. I wrote emails to Google complaining about its reply, but I haven’t heard back from it in almost one week time. My only “fault” has been to insert my Italian address for payment… How can I solve this situation? How comes Google AdSense Commission don’t even look at web sites but just checks the owner’s nationality or postal address?? The perfect search engine is not so perfect anymore??? (and here, again, I refer to the fact that Google Toolbar is not available for Mac users)

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