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Online Ads Finally Click

May 23, 2003 at 8:42 by adverblog Comments

Thanks to real broadband opportunities, online advertising has started offering valuable results to marketers. This is the message by Penelope Patsuris in her today’s article on in the section brightly named “The Half-Full Economy” (!? :-) .
Recent research results produced by IAB on case studies like Colgate’s and McDonald’s, have shown that online advertising could prove as an efficient marketing tools in a multi-channel strategies. Further point to support the bright future of online advertising investments are scored by paid search advertisements.
Eventually, in a survey by GartnerG2, ad agencies said they plan to bump up clients’ online spending from 5.5% of their budgets to 6.8% by year’s end, and up to 9% by the close of 2004.

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