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Talking about intromercials

June 26, 2003 at 4:11 by adverblog Comments

Masha Geller talked yesterday on MediaPost about “intro-mercials”. I do agree with her, that watching a 10 sec ads it’s a fair price to pay to read content for free, however I don’t believe this isn’t an intrusive form of advertising.
Keeping on talking about intro-mercials, CNET Networks today announced the debut of the first “intromercial” advertising unit on the front door of its award-winning CNET Web site. Sun Microsystems will be using the new ad unit to reinforce its position as a supplier of computing systems to CNET’s IT professional and business decision-maker audience.
Scott Anderson, eMarketing director at Sun Microsystems comments:

“Sun continually focuses on delivering the best information at the right location in the most compelling way, sharing in innovative spirit, the intromercial is yet another example of how Sun and CNET continue to work together to pioneer online media.”

The press release is on Business Wire.

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