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Practicing MMS campaigns

July 11, 2003 at 7:19 by adverblog Comments

It’s nice to find online articles published on paper as well, and it surely helps when you’re a blogger :-)
I was actually reading this morning the last issue of New Media Age, thinking about posting a reference to new MMS campaigns going on here in the UK.
I say here in the UK since I’m currently living in London, for about three weeks attending the Summer School in Marketing at the London School of Economics…
All right, enough with me, to get back to MMS, I’ll suggest your reading the article on NMA, since it provides you with a few good examples of big brands like Coca-Cola, starting the first major trials of MMS ad campaigns.

One Response to Practicing MMS campaigns

  1. amc says:

    Cant read article :( paying customers only

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