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Quigo Launches Contextual Advertising Platform

August 13, 2003 at 9:51 by Martina Comments

AdSonar is a technology presented by Quigo that will allow online publishers to deliver contextually targeted advertising that achieves greater relevancy, reach and revenue for publishers, licensees and advertisers alike.
Online contextual advertising is part of the fast growing search engine marketing industry, which experienced growth of 275% in 2001 and 325% in 2002 to $927.4 million in the US, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.
Read on the press release on Yahoo! Biz.

2 Responses to Quigo Launches Contextual Advertising Platform

  1. jonathan says:

    *Sigh* It sounded so good… I was going to give them a try… here it is March 30th and STILL their AdSonar is not ready for public use. Argh!

  2. Gerry says:

    They launched and it looks quite promising – very high cpc’s and payout’s but only for sites in HEalth, Fitness, Education and Travel:)

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