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Save e-mail marketing from extinction!

August 29, 2003 at 4:21 by Martina Comments

Spam is a menace to marketers’ credibility and efficiency. On
Bob Liodice, president of the US Association of National Advertisers (ANA), says:

“Our marketers are basically saying spam is killing (e-mail marketing). E-mail marketing clearly will be muted until they have a greater degree of confidence that their messages will go through in the way that they want them to”.

The message is clear: stop the spam or in a year e-mail marketing won’t exist any more!
We might actually start a petition… Save e-mail marketing from extinction!

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2 Responses to Save e-mail marketing from extinction!

  1. Vicki Leonardo says:

    Yes, please stop the spam! My message to spammers is that your messages are going right in the trash, you are wasting your time, energy and money, marketing this way. If you sell health insurance, don’t spam people in major corporations that have benefit packages. They are not your market. If you sell Viagra, don’t advertise it to single women. If you sell mortgage loans, don’t advertise them to people who don’t want them. You are only antagonizing the market, and if a person is in the market for your product in the future, you will be the last person they think of calling.

  2. Dmitry says:

    We should make an effort in order to save email marketing, but the problem is that until spammers will have benefits, we wouldn’t influense on a situation.

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