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Will women play mobile games?

October 3, 2003 at 1:16 by Martina Comments

Mobile gaming is becoming a big business, and the industry is working in order to attract new gamers, women. Jo Twist writes today on BBC NEWS that mobile gaming in the UK will be worth more than �50 million in 2003, however games makers still have to break some stereotypes. Game are not only for men, women are welcome playing to!
The article is interesting since it also allows readers to express their opinion on the matter.

One Response to Will women play mobile games?

  1. mayank thakkar says:

    Yes women play games….there have been a new tendency towards the adoption of mobile games by women community. They like old and simple games like bubbkles, dart , solitare and not the shoot en kind of lara croft..
    Its that their life style and nature demands …which enable them to swtrich to these kinds of games.
    Thus women would going to be itself a large mrket for a particular soft natured mobile games…in years to come.
    Mayank Thakkar
    Mobile Content / Application Consultant

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