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Rss and marketing… a new perspective

November 8, 2003 at 9:53 by Martina Comments

I�m writing an article about RSS and I�ve been reading quite a lot on the topic to get informed. There are a lot of articles and opinions out there about the marketing potentials of RSS. You can read some enthusiastic people saying that RSS is an unspammable medium, that it can deliver the advertising message using a �pull� model, that it�s cost effective, etc� On the other side the negative voices will tell you that it�s not measurable, that RSS is just for geeks, that is not (yet) integrated in email software, etc�
I would like to take a different (and additional) perspective in the discussion, not considering RSS for what they really are in their substance.
I believe the main issue about RSS� marketing potentials is connected to the information overload. There are tons of softwares installed on our computers: browsers, email readers, instant messengers, p2p, toolbars, desktop alerts etc� We get messages from everywhere, either in push or pull way (and I�m just considering computer mediated communication!). At work my Internet browser is always open. If I want to see if a Web site has been updated I just click on its link from my bookmarks. I don�t have to start another software and get the information downloaded on my computer. I do have a newsaggregator installed on my Mac, but I rarely use it. Maybe because I�m kind of lazy (I admit it), maybe because there are already too many windows open on my desktop, delivering me any kind of information just one click (and 5 seconds) away. I would tend to compare this point with the one associated to e-commerce web sites. The more clicks to buy a product, the less products get sold. The more clicks to get an headline, the less headlines�
So I�m not saying RSS aren�t a fascinating medium. They are extremely attractive from a marketing perspective. I�m just saying there are already tons of information out there, but a day has only 24 hours, at least mine�

4 Responses to Rss and marketing… a new perspective

  1. Gay Gilmore says:

    I think you have hit upon one of the biggest problems with news aggregators as applications. Requiring people to install more software is a HUGE hassle, and it means that if Iyouuse two machines (one at work and one at home) they are hopelessly out of synch with what is read/unread. Not to mention the fact that if the news itself is on the internet, why shouldn’t the aggregator service be there too, why use another application to manage your web browser….Try a web-based aggregator yet? (love your feedback, we’re just in beta testing)

  2. Martina says:

    Thank you very much for the link. I will surely check it out. It sounds very interesting and practical.

  3. Bill French says:

    There are a few things about your post that I disagree with.
    [[ If I want to see if a Web site has been updated I just click on its link from my bookmarks. I don

  4. Jon says:

    Well this comment isn’t very timely with regards to your posting but I think as RSS gains momentum, we will see the reader capability becoming a standard part of other software we use daily, whether it is the email program or the browser or something else.
    If that is the case, then the arguement of having to install one more piece of software wont be such an issue. For now though, it does take some effort to make use of the technology but I think the benefits of this medium make the extra effort worth it.

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