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Videogames and advertising

January 21, 2004 at 4:06 by Martina Comments

Tom Hespos wrote yesterday about advergame, maybe not exactly about advergames but, more in general, about the potentials of videogames for advertisers. He comes up with a new perspective on the matter, which I believe is rather interesting. He takes the issue a step further, not considering only advergames and product placement (remember Intel and the Sims?), but suggests brands to think about full game sponsorships. In his excellent analysis, Tom says:

“While some marketers are paying game developers for product placement, I haven’t seen anyone completely underwrite the cost of a game and distribute it at no- or low-cost to end users.”

One Response to Videogames and advertising

  1. In regard to the statement that a good game hasn’t been created that can be delivered to business customers at low cost, they simply haven’t seen GoldenFairwayFX. It’s a 3-D virtual online golf game that ANY business can embed its advertising in and comes with full duplication rights for under $2,000.00. It also comes with a 2-D fundraising game and $8,000.00 worth of tickets.
    Now THAT’S effective, low-cost advertising!!!!
    I’ll send you a free CD if you are interested.
    T. J. Cochran

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