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Mobile marketing for Generation Y

June 21, 2004 at 1:31 by Martina Comments

The news is one month old, but it’s worth reading to better understand the US’ consumer reaction towards wireless marketing. According to a survey by FIND/SVP’s Guideline Research Division the practice (of mobile marketing) is generally considered invasive and undesirable by older generations of consumers. The press release explains that, while the survey indicates a lack of desire for consumers to receive marketing messages through these new methods, early adapters to technology, such as Generation Y, are more likely to be open to this type of contact. Keith Kirkpatrick, a consultant for FIND/SVP commented:

“Since Generation Y continues to make up the greater percentage of wireless users who are open to new marketing channels, the acceptance of these methods will increase. This acceptance will give marketers the opportunity to more readily interact with and ‘touch’ their customers since, by the very nature of the device, cell phones are always on and can always receive marketing messages.”

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