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Lateral: weapon of mass awareness

July 8, 2004 at 12:50 by Martina Comments

Lateral has created a fun but smart email/letter generating tool for the RSPCA as their latest weapon of mass awareness, that will alert the UK Prime Minister of the growing support of the new Animal Welfare Bill (AWB). The RSPCA support the new Animal Welfare Bill, which is designed to prevent animal suffering before it starts. If the AWB becomes law, whenever you buy a pet, it will have to come with all the information you need to look after it properly.
Lateral have developed a light-hearted, fun-to-use and extremely effective email / letter-generating tool, which pre-populates the user’s email client with an individual, “personalized” message, already addressed to the Prime Minister.
Said Su Sareen, Creative Director of Lateral explains:

“Users simply build up their personal messages by selecting different options from a whole series of drop-down menus. They can then preview their letter already entered into their own email client. They can
edit, or simply add their name and press send. The multitude of choices and the fact that each email will come from a supporter’s own email account should ensure that each email / letter will be taken seriously”.

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