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Pinnacle Distance Challenge online

August 27, 2004 at 10:36 by Martina Comments

Integrated marketing agency Alexander + Tom has announced the launch of an online marketing campaign for Pinnacle Golf. The campaign introduces Pinnacle’s new Exception golf balls, and their nationwide grass roots golf contest, The Pinnacle Distance Challenge. The campaign also features a unique promotion in the form of an advergame, an online game version of the real world golf contest.
Billy Twigg, President of Alexander + Tom commented:

“Our mission was to give Pinnacle an exciting image and environment that encourages golfers to learn about, and then try, the Exception. The advergame is a great tool for creating an online buzz about the real world event. The word-of-mouth advertising it generates drives a tremendous amount of traffic to the site. And in the competitive golf marketplace, that is incredibly valuable.”

Too bad they posted the press release with the bad link (it takes you to pinnaclegold instead of pinnaclegolf…)…

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