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Porkers, Grazers and Nibblers… (???)

September 15, 2004 at 3:05 by Martina Comments

Bango, a mobile content technology provider, has revealed the buying patterns of over two million users and identified the three most common types of mobile content consumers – Nibblers, Grazers and Porkers.
As explained in the press release there are a growing number of Grazers: consumers that consistently spend between �5 and �20 per month on mobile phone content.
For every 20 grazers there is a Porker who typically consumes at least �30-�50 of content a month, with a few regularly spending over �100 per month.
The third most common content consumer – the Nibbler – is only able to cope with small amounts of content at one time and the buying patterns reveal long periods between purchases. Typically Nibblers will buy one piece of content such as a new ringtone or image every few months.
For further information about the consumers’ profiles check out Bango’s “Monitoring Feedback“.

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