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Contextual toilet advertising

September 16, 2004 at 4:44 by Martina Comments

There was a time when restrooms where a peaceful and private place. But now we are living in the toilet advertising era, and there’s no place where we can hide from promotional messages.
Ad Age (free reg.) dedicates an article to commercial messages that, since a couple of years, are invading public bathrooms. “… Recording artists, video games and automakers are routinely buying space on the doors of toilet stalls or urinal walls” but it’s good we can also see some “contextual toilet advertising” with brands promoting deodorants, intim soaps and, of course (!), condoms.
The article also provides a few stats about bathroom usage (did you know in a bar or a nightclub, the average patron uses a restroom almost three times per stay?). You can’t miss it.

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