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Two blogs better than one

February 10, 2005 at 2:07 by Martina Comments

Starting from today I’ve decided to split Adverblog’s content in two parts: interactive marketing will still be featured on Adverblog, while mobile marketing and other issues related to the mobile world will have their on space on
Making Money Out of Mobile (Mmoom) is in fact a new blog dedicated to mobile marketing and marketing in the mobile industry.
As you can see I’ve changed Adverblog’s layout and one more time I have to thank my brother Marco for the nice graphic he designed. I understand the layout might look a little minimal, but it’s surely more practical for blogging.
I’ve also upgraded the MovableType version which will hopefully help me adding new features (i.e. content subcategories) and comments (if spammers leave us alone). The upgrade has been somehow painful, I’ve imported all Adverblog’s entries, but unfortunately files’ names will not match. So if you have old links to single pages on my site they will probably no longer work…
All right, that’s about it! I hope you’ll enjoy reading both blogs. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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