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Video advertising: a new way to connect with customers

May 16, 2005 at 8:59 by Martina Comments

When a magazine like Business Week picks up a story about a business or a trend, you can bet that trend is getting serious. It has happened a few weeks ago when the article on blogs (that will change your business) was published and it’s probably happening again with this feature about online video advertising. As the article points out, ““advertisers view online video as a laboratory for new ways to connect with customers“.

Video advertising on the Web is absolutely cheaper than on Tv and most of all, allows brands to establish with very specific audiences, taking advantage of an active behaviour from people who actually decide to click and watch the video. If this is not enough to convice you of the online video ads power, let me mention the “viral effect” their able to generate.
Of course not everyone can afford to pay for the production costs, but any brand which usually buys Tv spots can get five Web ads for the same price.

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