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Banners & advergames: roll over and play

May 31, 2005 at 9:09 by Martina Comments

Last week, I blogged about Kellog’s banner with an advergame inside and I thought wow, this is really cool and innovative, I’ve never seen this before! Well it is not that I’ve changed my mind about it, but I’ve found out that also here in Europe some agencies have come up with similar ideas…
For example Agency Republic has created a banner campaign for the mobile operator O2 with a banner containing three mini online games. As New Media Age explains, when visitors roll over the banner, three hot air balloons appear, promoting the O2 Pay & Go option, and challenging people to play and win free minutes and sms.
In France (thanks Damien) IBM and Roland Garros have created a wonderful interactive banner: when it expands, you are invited to join an online tennis game. You create your own player, choose the playground and then invite another online gamer to play with you. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see the banner in action but the idea, as described, sounds really cool.

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