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New marketing & advertising blogs

June 22, 2005 at 7:09 by Martina Comments

I’ve just updated my list of blogs dedicated to marketing and advertising issues.
Among the new blogs added, I’d like to mention Brutal Clarity by marketing expert Krishnan Menon who has been, among the others, consulting futurist, focusing on marketing innovation, for Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, and has worked on marketing the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the iMac and iPod.
For those of you who speak/understand Italian, Creative Classics by Marco Fossati is another must read.

5 Responses to New marketing & advertising blogs

  1. Chris says:

    Don’t forget UK viral seeding site ( which is used by most of the large UK advertisng agencies to seed their new virals

  2. Elwyn Jenkins says:

    A fine list of marketing and advertising blogs etc. Worthwhile working through this list with a fine tooth comb. How often is this updated? Or is this the first time?

  3. Hi there! Great list! I’ve got a new one as well-would be honored if you added it.

  4. HighJive says:

    Everyone is cordially invited to visit [email protected]
    This blog is dedicated to multiculturalism in the advertising industry and beyond.

  5. HighJive says:

    The invite should have read
    My bad.

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