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Podcast marketing campaign for Lexus

June 30, 2005 at 4:32 by Martina Comments

Automotive company Lexus has signed a deal to sponsor for 26 weeks the podcasts at KCRW, a public radio station in California. AdAge reports the news and adds a few comments on podcasting and its value for marketers. In the automotive industry Volvo and General Motors have already given a try to podcast marketing, which absolutely looks like a direct and smart way to reach niche audiences.
Lexus has signed a deal based on CPM (cost-per-thousand), so it is going to pay for the actual number of downloads the podcast will get. Lexus’ links and logos will appear on the KCRW podcast player, and the brand will be mentioned at the beginning of each podcast.

2 Responses to Podcast marketing campaign for Lexus

  1. emanuele madeddu says:

    Beh, complimenti: un ottimo blog sulla comunicazione. Sono rimasto sorpreso che dietro tutto ciĆ² ci fosse una persona italiana.

  2. Mark Davis says:

    How awfully nice to see the auto industry mixing technology and good old fashion brick and mortar marketing solutions. Best wishes, Mark Davis, Producer, PodCast Radio Show –

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