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Pepsi online strategies in France

July 19, 2005 at 9:28 by Martina Comments

Le Journal du Net explores (in French) PepsiCo online strategies in France, talking with Martine Pelier, a marketing executive at the soft drinks giant. Pepsi is investing more and more money in online advertising, reducing at the same time its spending in Tv ads. TV spots haven’t been dismissed, simply they have become part of a more integrated strategy in which Pepsi wants to substain its anticonformist image.
Given the target audience (15-25 years old) the company is focusing on Internet activities and on music content. In particular Pepsi has launched this year, in cooperation with Virgin,, where people can win music, ringtones and mobile phones. The site is also connected to the Pepsi Town the online community launched in 2002, which at first sight looks like an Habbo Hotel. Pepsi Music Play among mid-April and the end of June received over 1.8 million visitors who went online to redeem the winning codes found on Pepsi drinks.
The interactive agency helping Pepsi deploying its strategies is Chewing Com, which also works for BMW and Nintendo.

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