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The angels of toilet paper

July 20, 2005 at 9:27 by Martina Comments

Adverblog’s reader Ashley Gillam points us to the new Angel Soft advertainment website.
I find somehow weird just the idea of a toilet paper doing online marketing, but I also think taking an advertainment approach is the best way do it. The website is build around the “Bathroom Moments” idea, with funny video clips, an online contest, sweeptakes and a collection “fun bathroom facts”… every family has a bathroom story to tell…

3 Responses to The angels of toilet paper

  1. mac says:

    you have to love the google ads pointing to toilet paper rol holders! thx for the sniggles, er giggles and the gooooogle ads! adbumb loves you so i’m told…

  2. I didn’t notice the advertising on this page… ahahha :-)
    This is really contextual!!!!!

  3. bridget says:

    I ran across this and was curious if we’ve done many sites for CPG companies that are of this style.
    The videos are pretty good. The one I liked best was the kid.

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