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Garage goals for Adidas

August 2, 2005 at 10:11 by Martina Comments

Adidas Football is online with a new advergame created by Preloaded. It’s called “Garage Goals” but don’t ask me how it is, it takes too many clicks and a registration to play it. Why does Adidas make things so difficult?

4 Responses to Garage goals for Adidas

  1. Greg says:

    The more difficult it is the more qualitative it appears. More than 60% of web surfers go away after 3 clicks…

  2. Chris says:

    Its made by a company called Preloaded.
    What an apt name. Were they trying advertise their own company by adding an infinite amount of pre-loaders to the site do you think?

  3. I tried to find the game on their site, but it didn’t seem to be anywhere. Maybe it’s detecting that I’m in Canada and shows me a different version?

    Aside from that, a recent survey from eMarketer talked about how to annoy web users (I discussed this on our blog here). The number 2 thing listed is a requirement to logon and register before viewing. This sounds a bit better in that you just need to logon in order to play the game itself, but it is still a huge detriment to the campaign.
    I never have understood the theory behind locking people away from the advertising/marketing campaign you want them to view.

  4. Timmouz says:

    I found the game and played it, but it is very disapointing. Adidas should know better then this!!

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