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RSS and publishers’ confusion

August 8, 2005 at 9:23 by Martina Comments

On the Blogspotting blog, Heather Green questions the potentials of RSS advertising, moving from an article Bill Flitter, co-founder of Pheedo, wrote on CNET. Flitter pointed out most media companies haven’t yet understood the impact of RSS on web site traffic. They are missing a lot of important information and, as a consequence, the opportunity of monetize this content channel. The post on Blogspotting has generated a lot of interesting comments on the role RSS for publishers.

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2 Responses to RSS and publishers’ confusion

  1. Heather Green says:

    Thanks for the link. Just to clarify, I do believe in the future of advertising within RSS. My post was more about a commentary about whether mainstream publishers were tracking metrics on RSS. The commentary didn’t seem clear to me, but the writer chimed in with some clarifications that were interesting and gave insight into RSS and advertising.

  2. Thanks Heather, I’ve rephrased the post, I hope now it’s more clear.

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