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Exploring the digital media landscape

on September 26, 2005 by Martina Comments

If you’re still wondering where digital marketing is going, I strongly suggest you reading Eric Picard today’s article on ClickZ. Probably he doesn’t say anything new, but he really helps keeping the eyes on the ball in the crazy world of digital media. Rss, mobile, in-game advertising and the life after the 30″ spot: a useful compendium to learn how (and where) to move your next step.

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How to Buy RSS Advertising

on August 12, 2005 by Martina Comments

On Revenews, Bill Flitter, Chief Marketing Officer at Pheedo shares his views and ideas on RSS advertising. The first article is basically just an introduction to the topic, but it’s worth reading if you’re trying to make sense of this new marketing channel. Stay tuned, because the next articles will talk about building a smart RSS advertising media plan and measuring RSS advertising effectiveness. Tag: RSS marketing, RSS Advertising

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RSS and publishers’ confusion

on August 8, 2005 by Martina Comments

On the Blogspotting blog, Heather Green questions the potentials of RSS advertising, moving from an article Bill Flitter, co-founder of Pheedo, wrote on CNET. Flitter pointed out most media companies haven’t yet understood the impact of RSS on web site traffic. They are missing a lot of important information and, as a consequence, the opportunity of monetize this content channel. The post on Blogspotting has generated a lot of interesting comments on the role RSS for publishers.

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RSS advertising: will it deliver?

on July 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

You probably already heard The Washington Post has decided to add text ads to its RSS feeds (news via Adweek). Google, Yahoo and Kanodlee already offer the RSS advertising since a couple of months and Google has just opened the service to its AdSense program. According a Pew Research survey at the beginning of 2005, more than 5 percent of US Internet users already take advantage of RSS. These are the facts, but the (still) unanswered question is: do RSS advertising work? Unfortunately no numbers nor information is yet available, so the debate is now open. I believe the success of RSS advertising will rely on a few points connected to the very nature of RSS and the way they are used. Let me explain. Some news site like, for example The New York Times, provide the feed with the title and an abstract of the article. Other online publications, such as Le and the WSJ, just fill the feed with the article’s title. My point is, the shorter text in the feed the less effective (and the more annoying) the ad will be. It’s a question of relevance, because with a short text it’s more difficult to deliver a relevant contextual ad. But it’s also a question of getting people’s attention. How fast do you go through the feeds you’re subscribed to? If you just have to read the title, it simply takes you the blink of an eye to understand whether you’re interested or not and click or read on. In less two seconds you’re attention is already on the next title. But if you are provided with an abstract of two or three lines, it will take you a longer time to go to the end of the text and probably notice there is also a little tiny text box politely claiming your attention (and your clicks).

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What about buying ads in RSS feeds?

on June 17, 2005 by Martina Comments

A recent report by Forrester Research (“US Online Marketing Forecast 2005 to 2010″) found out that 57% of marketers are “somewhat” or “very” interested in RSS advertising (64% expressed the same opinion on blogs advertising). Despite the forecast, at the moment, advertisers still have a lot of doubts concerning this kind of solution. Trying to show the right way to RSS advertising, MarketingSherpa presents the case study of Citrix GoToMeeting which just tested RSS and podcasting ads.

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