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Exploring the digital media landscape

on September 26, 2005 by Martina Comments

If you’re still wondering where digital marketing is going, I strongly suggest you reading Eric Picard today’s article on ClickZ. Probably he doesn’t say anything new, but he really helps keeping the eyes on the ball in the crazy world of digital media. Rss, mobile, in-game advertising and the life after the 30″ spot: a useful compendium to learn how (and where) to move your next step.

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How to Buy RSS Advertising

on August 12, 2005 by Martina Comments

On Revenews, Bill Flitter, Chief Marketing Officer at Pheedo shares his views and ideas on RSS advertising. The first article is basically just an introduction to the topic, but it’s worth reading if you’re trying to make sense of this new marketing channel. Stay tuned, because the next articles will talk about building a smart RSS advertising media plan and measuring RSS advertising effectiveness. Tag: , RSS Advertising

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Purina launches the “Animal Advice” podcast

on June 27, 2005 by Martina Comments

Micropersuasion reports Purina, the Nestlé animal food brand, has started podcasting. The Animal Advice is a weekly podcast featuring veterinarians and pet lovers talking about pet training, behavioral theories and pet insurance. Purina is a brand which pays quite a lot of attention to the new marketing trends. It already has a wireless section where pet owners can download ringtones (Barking Dog, Meowing Kitty or Purina theme) and mobile wallpapers, furthermore it offers a series of RSS feeds on pet related issues.

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MSN explores RSS marketing

on May 13, 2005 by Martina Comments

MSN and Fox Sports are targeting sport fans with an opt-in service which allows users to receive scores and news alerts via RSS and MSN Messenger. DMNews explains this idea will allow MSN to offer advertisers with extremely targeted marketing opportunities. The technology will be provided by MessageCast which has already reached extremely positive results delivering beauty ads to L’Oreal’s subscribers in Britain and Germany.

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The RSS matrix

on June 22, 2004 by Martina Comments

Is email marketing dead? Will RSS save email marketers from unemployement? How many times did you hear these questions and found no answer? Alex Barnett did an excellent job analysing the debate around RSS marketing, and developing a comprehensive “matrix“: Email v RSS, Email Marketer v Customer Matrix. Alex suggests moving away from a discussion on “RSS vs Email”, thinking instead on how RSS can become part of the marketing mix. I tend to agree with him: integration is, once again, the keyword we need to focus on.

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Track that feed!

on February 23, 2004 by Martina Comments

An incredibly useful marketing tool might have been created by IMN, a firm that announced the introduction of an RSS tracking system. RSS can be the future solution to replace e-newsletter which are loosing more and more credibility because of spam. If the IMN’s solution really works, then RSS won’t remain a thing for geeks only, and will eventually debut (and succed) in the mass market. On ClickZ, Kathleen Goodwin, CEO of IMN said about the tracking system:

“We’ve encoded all the links — usually with an RSS feed you get a subject of an article and a link. Every link provided is a unique trackable link. When you open up the feed we know it. Every time you refresh the feed we count it. And when you click to read a particular article we register that.”

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