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Purina launches the “Animal Advice” podcast

June 27, 2005 at 2:28 by Martina Comments

Micropersuasion reports Purina, the Nestlé animal food brand, has started podcasting. The Animal Advice is a weekly podcast featuring veterinarians and pet lovers talking about pet training, behavioral theories and pet insurance.
Purina is a brand which pays quite a lot of attention to the new marketing trends. It already has a wireless section where pet owners can download ringtones (Barking Dog, Meowing Kitty or Purina theme) and mobile wallpapers, furthermore it offers a series of RSS feeds on pet related issues.

One Response to Purina launches the “Animal Advice” podcast

  1. Shelia Bachelder says:

    I started this project from a class assignment. Not knowing much about other types of products the company handled or created other than dog food, my assignment seemed to me to be small. I was stunned to see a huge informational marketing tool online promoting exclusively Purina communication tunes, tones and history. The use of advertising in their product lines to catch the publics eye, marvelous, enlightening and very informative. The more information I gathered on Purina, the more I wanted to know. The marketing realm and Purina’s movement into today’s society element, is the best fresh thinking I’ve seen in years. Keep up the good work Purina. I look forward to every new week, new item or product you innovatively push. The new market of electronics and communications you’ve tapped into for promotion, excellent idea.

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