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Track that feed!

February 23, 2004 at 8:24 by Martina Comments

An incredibly useful marketing tool might have been created by IMN, a firm that announced the introduction of an RSS tracking system. RSS can be the future solution to replace e-newsletter which are loosing more and more credibility because of spam. If the IMN’s solution really works, then RSS won’t remain a thing for geeks only, and will eventually debut (and succed) in the mass market. On ClickZ, Kathleen Goodwin, CEO of IMN said about the tracking system:

“We’ve encoded all the links — usually with an RSS feed you get a subject of an article and a link. Every link provided is a unique trackable link. When you open up the feed we know it. Every time you refresh the feed we count it. And when you click to read a particular article we register that.”

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