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Food for “banner-maniacs”

February 23, 2004 at 8:27 by Martina Comments

LemonAd and Strategies presents the top new European banners of the week… Not as good as my own collection, but worth checking out anyway :-) They’re here

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3 Responses to Food for “banner-maniacs”

  1. H Schepers says:

    The galery of lemonad in the netherlands contains always banners you will not see on many mainstream sites.
    If you want a overview of banners on mainstream portals go to the following site:

  2. Amanda says:

    I do enjoy the LemonAd’s but also love the ads created for our company by I-Volution,Inc ( I am curious of what you think since you are the expert!

  3. jonathan says:

    Does anybody even click on banners anymore? Last I heared they were down in the far-less-than-one-percent click-through rate. Banners may look cool, but are they ever clicked?

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