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Blogs: to buy or not to buy?

August 23, 2005 at 10:00 by Martina Comments

What role should blogs have in media buying? On iMediaConnection tries to answer the question. It’s interesting to read because the author, Jim Meskauskas, is not a big fan of blogs, therefore he provides an unusual perspective on the issue.
My only point is don’t think about blogs just as places where you can advertise, but look & listen to what bloggers say to understand how your products are perceived and consider starting a blog yourself to engage with direct and informal relationship with your target audience. Blogs are more complex than you might think. They’re often powerful and attractive. Just don’t overstimate their importance.

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One Response to Blogs: to buy or not to buy?

  1. eTechSupport says:

    Blogs have become very influential components of the Internet and their importance is growing exponentially. Blogs also can be used as tools for creating on-line communities of people interested in the same subjects. Number of people can describe their thoughts, activities and reactions, and thereby share them with others who participate on the blogsite with them. Blogs are a great marketing, monitoring, conversing and learning tools that should be taken advantage of by individuals and businesses everywhere.

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