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Overexposure kills TV ads

August 24, 2005 at 7:18 by Martina Comments

Tv advertising is dying or even worse, is already dead. Everybody talks about this tragic event, complaining and looking for alternative solutions but, most of the times, avoiding to investigate the causes of this mortal disease. Today, thanks to an article on Mediapost we learn about the “Project Wanamaker” carried out in the US by The PreTesting Company’s MediaCheck. The study, currently engaging 38 advertisers such as Subway, Chevrolet and Pepsi, found out that TV advertising reaches very fast the saturation point. Overexposure and poor creative are the main factors generating lack of interest towards Tv commercials. Campaigns shouldn’t last more than two weeks, or should change the creative to avoid being ignored.

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One Response to Overexposure kills TV ads

  1. kariar says:

    Hey, I have no TV set for 10 months (I gave it to my parents because their has broken). And I was wondering how it would be without television.
    I must say that this experiment was quite interesting:
    - I know all the news just as good as other people
    - I don’t know what is happening in all tv’s soap-operas
    - I am not influenced by tv-spots. = As I come to store I don’t know which products are being promoted at the time in TV. I must use other sources of information and my experience.
    I think that TV adv works. As I come to my parents from time to time and see advs I am being influenced- I feel it.
    (Althoug if I would see 300 ads per day I could say sth different ;-) )

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