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The Irish Job viral

August 24, 2005 at 9:33 by Martina Comments

Viral marketing agency Asa Bailey is behind “The Irish Job” a video created to generate buzz around Lucky Charms, a General Mills brand. The video has been initially seeded to a sample of 250,000 student and 20 something in the United States. The campaign’s objective is to build awareness in the target market. Saatchi & Saatchi NY is also in the game.

One Response to The Irish Job viral

  1. jeremy Bell says:

    If it wasn’t official before, it is definitely legit now… “Viral” advertising has officially jumped the shark.
    Agencies need to realize that the general public is a lot smarter than they are giving them credit for. People don’t send blatant advertising to their friends simply because there is a button that allows them to.
    No one is going to send this to a friend… why would they? There are no redeeming qualities about this piece – it’s nothing more than a traditional TV commercial with “send to a friend” slapped on the end.
    For advertising to become “viral”, there needs to be a purpose to it – it must have depth beyond “here’s an interesting video, send it to a friend”.

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