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CSI on your mobile (maybe)

September 28, 2005 at 8:50 by Martina Comments

CBS is considering making the popular Tv-series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation available to mobile phones. MediaWeek reports their are thinking about creating so-called “mobisodes” as Fox is already doing with 24.

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2 Responses to CSI on your mobile (maybe)

  1. I think TV on mobiles is going to come very soon. There are a bunch of new devices ready for launch in the summer of 2006 and I for one think they’re going to top sellers. Once they add GPS and decent MP3 stuff as well we won’t need any other gadgets! Cool.

  2. Ron Wilson says:

    Yes, I think it would be a good fit. Especially since they have ringtones. Also, what about a CSI mobile game?

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