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Ikea: there is life outside work

October 5, 2005 at 8:49 by Martina Comments

Take a look at this nice campaign by Ikea launched to promote their kitchen range in the UK. The website idea is that the cheaper the kitchen, the less you have to work to pay for it. So, basically, the message is “buy at Ikea, work less, and enjoy your life”!
This is definitively a very good example of how online marketing should (try to) be.The concept is brilliant also the advertainment stuffs on the site are engaging and entertaining. You can take a test and check if you’re working too much, you can calculate the hours of work you save by buying at Ikea and you can even get an update on what has happened in the world while you were too busy working.
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One Response to Ikea: there is life outside work

  1. Troy Norcross says:

    Yes - I saw one of these ads in London recently but I thought to myself, “This makes no sense.” Cheaper kitchen means more money for mortgage or maybe more money for fun in Ibiza - not work less.”
    And I know it sounds crazy but considering most of Europe is on vacation from November-February and June-Septebmer - there are only 4 months (Mar/Apr/May/Oct) when actual work gets done as it is — if Europe works any less they may as well hang a permanent “off on holiday” sign on the borders. ;)

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