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Audi meets Escher

October 6, 2005 at 7:21 by Martina Comments

AlmapBBDO for Audi Quattro (Brazil).


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7 Responses to Audi meets Escher

  1. Tim says:

    Dutch warehouse Bijenkorf did almost the same thing with an Escher drawing

  2. James Hamilton says:

    I think the idea stolen from Audi’s own TV commercial done by BBH London. Anyway it works!

  3. Simon Fraser says:

    It’s all very pretty, but what is the ad trying to do? It tells you precisely nothing about why you should buy an Audi. It’s a hollow victory of style over content.
    Not sure if the association with Escher is wise either. Am I supposed to conlcude that Audis are just a clever optical illusion?

  4. Fred says:

    simon… no you got it all confused.
    the ad is for the quattro, which is a four wheel drive car. Now take a look at the Esher painting which goes in every direction. This as is all about traction, and control. Saying that the Audi will stick to the ground no matter what environment.

  5. copywriter says:

    Personally I liked very much… Haven’t seen an ad done by eschers before… Impressive.

  6. Gorgeous says:

    Fully agree with Fred…and the ad is wonderful!

  7. DADA_ist says:

    Hi all,
    Yes James, its true “impossible possible” campaign had been done by BBH London for new Audi A6 launch campaign in last year (2004).
    In my opinion; actually in this case this Escher visual indicates the campaign’s vision as one of the local based application very well. It is of course kind of a highly coded image which represents impossible worlds and combination of two possible views to the viewer. The model is in bird’s eye view of Audi A3, that is recently (almost in 2 years) added quattro® technology.
    Ad is too sophisticated for A3 consumers; I mean for the target of young customers and via the core of ATL advertising, and I admit that its art direction is obviously very well but there is some missing parts I guess… I think previously on Fred’s comments pointed out the 4 wheel drive technology the quattro® message is not clear.
    BBH London had acquired this idea in sharp visuals, specially in photographic presence geniunely. The print campaign of new A6 was better interpretations of Escher vision in artistically. AlmapBBDO’s work is lack of authenticity of Audi brand beyond from M. C. Eschers’ artistic work and visual literature…

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