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The garlic (credit) card

October 9, 2005 at 9:02 by Martina Comments

How do you get the best out of garlic? Just grate it with a credit card… or buy a Garlic Card… Usually strange gadgets come from Japan/Asia, but this time I’m proud (?) to say this is European! It has been invented in Sweden, by Herman Rasmuson…
Actually the best thing about this gadget is the smart website: nicely designed and with an amusing video to explain how the garlic card works.
Even a silly product like this, if promoted in the right way, can become successful through the Internet. I won’t buy one, but I’m talking about it and you know how word of mouth can prove effective…

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One Response to The garlic (credit) card

  1. I agree with you and think that nearly any product can be sold when promoted in the right way. Just like the iSocks for the iPod or Tickle me Baby promoting the Axe deodorant.
    Products with these attributes probably spread well:

    • extra-ordinary, nothing similar has been produced so far
    • a little bit silly
    • accompanying information is amusing, interesting and unusual, for ex.: video and pictures
    • a simple message, easy to explain and quick to tell
    • influential initiator with an open-minded target group art
    • gadget-like price, not too expensive. people won’t worry about the price so much

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