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Is condom advertising appropriate?

October 22, 2005 at 5:33 by Martina Comments

Here you find three ads created by McCann Erickson Communication House for Durex condoms.
The first is brilliant and, as it’s easy to understand, it was created for a campaign running in December.

The second ad is the controversial “Roger More” for Durex Performa which was banned in the UK, generated a lot of polemics and at the end won an award (Best Use of Typography at The Roses Advertising Awards 2004).
The third one is probably the worst: just a pretty vulgar attention grabbing image.

3 Responses to Is condom advertising appropriate?

  1. Neuville says:

    You’re right, Martina. I’ve featured the third ad (it’s a series of 3 subjects) at Moka-Break, but that is not my favourite condom ad. The first one looks the best because it “suggests”…

  2. Personnaly, I prefer the first one. Clear, fun, and perfect for winter times. :-)
    Thank you for your great blog.

  3. Carolyn Murphy says:

    I like this new one from Kimono condoms:

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