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Online communication against junk food

January 31, 2006 at 9:03 by Martina Comments

junkfood.gifThe Food Commission Research Charity (a non governmental organisation) has recently launched a site to warn young consumers about the risks of junk food. As explained on BrandRepublic (sub. req.) the site also unveils the marketing and advertising strategies junk food producers use to get children to buy their products. The site, Chew on this, also includes activity sheets where children can put themselves in the role of a marketer and try to create products that appeal to children.
Last week, as reported on The Guardian, soft drinks makers in Europe yesterday agreed to stop targeting children under the age of 12 in advertising campaigns as part of a series of measures to help prevent obesity among young people.

One Response to Online communication against junk food

  1. People Paula says:

    Try educating their fat, lazy parents who take them to McDonald’s for dinner and stick Lunchables in their backpacks.

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